Saturday, 23 June 2012

Walk like a Catwalk Model

Walk like a Catwalk Model

here are lots of challenges for those who want to be a model, and earning to walk like a catwalk model is one of them. Some may think this is difficult but in reality, it is very simple to do.

Are you looking to strut your stuff at a local fashion event, or just add a little sex appeal to your walk? If so, then you can learn to walk like a catwalk model. All you need is to follow these steps and dedicate some time to practice.

Pounding the catwalk like a professional model isn't the easiest task in the world 
Though wearing the latest fashions and walking with a little "oomph" may seem like a piece of cake, perfecting the ideal runway walk is something that requires much practice. If you want to walk like the girls on "America's Next Top Model," keep the following tips in mind.

Make sure you are comfortable. Choose the right shoes. If you're not used to walking in heels, start with a thin two-inch heel, or a low wedge heel, preferably one that you have already broken in. (Later, you can work your way up to walking in higher, less comfortable heels.) If the shoes are new, scratch the soles with scissors so that they will not slip when they touch the floor. Alternatively, you can cover the sole of the shoe with masking tape, if you don't want to scratch your shoes. Whatever you do, don't wear flip flops!

Learn to stand like a supermodel. Practice your posture, throw your shoulders back, and push your pelvis slightly forward. It might create the illusion that you're leaning back a little, rather than hunching forward. You should be able to balance a book on the top of your head.

Practice your catwalk strut as much as you can. Models often learn the ropes by walking with a book on top of their heads. This encourages great posture and a fierce walk down the runway. Don't worry if the book topples off of your head your first few tries. It's bound to happen. Try it this way until you can walk without it falling off.

Practice walking with one leg crossing over the other. When you walk, be sure to keep your back straight, your stomach sucked in and your head lifted up. Figure out what swagger works for you. Each model has their own pace and style of walking which can only be found through practice.

Place one hand on your hip and do a slight dip with your hips when you reach the end of the catwalk. Immediately turn and begin your walk back over the runway at a steady, but quick pace.

Train your face to work with the music; catwalk models aren't all about their walk. Some designers prefer upbeat models and music, where a sexy smile is appropriate. Most models prefer a neutral look, with their eyes and lips deadened in a way. Always keep your gaze strong, but avoid bursting into laughter or smiles throughout your walk down the catwalk.

The final step is to swing your hips as you walk. Don't flaunt your hips too much but subtly show off your hips by swinging them back and forth as you walk down the line. Walk the line with on foot in front of the other, and swing your hips as you walk, and you will be walking like a catwalk model in no time

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