Friday, 28 December 2012

EMEotARTIST Events,EME Disc-Jockeys in collaboration with ESTILITE MODEL MANAGEMENT (EMM) & TOWNSHIP SPORTING EVENTS(tse) invites all up and coming and established artists ,community radio stations and the community of INK  to attend a Showcasing Event at KwaMashu TV/Fan Park(Behind Sports Centre).
The Event dates are as follows:

31 December 2012 from 10 a.m. till 1st January 2013 at 18h00.

Entrance is free for everyone.

As an entertainment and events company with relevant expertise and 17 years’ experience in entertainment industry and Musical Skills , Emedotartist Events in collaboration with Estil`s Music &  Entertainment cc, Estilite Model Management(EMM),EME Disc-Jockeys feel that they can make a positive contribution to the upliftment and promotion of up and coming artists in around Durban Townships.
Our positive contribution entails hosting a live music event whereby aspiring up and coming music and dance artists will be given a chance to perform live on stage in order to showcase their talent.
Throughout our eventing expertise we have maintained highest performance standards within the diverse range of event management functions, artist management and mentorship, which is illustrated by our past successes in hosting events like Youth Day, June 16.

The event details will be as follows FOR TWO DAYS-31 DECEMBER 2012 TO 1ST JANUARY 2012:
10h00 a.m. to 18h00 – first session live performances of up and coming music and dance artists
18h00 to 12 midnight – second session live performances of invited music and dance artists, New Year’s Eve Celebration
Every two hours –talks by music studio personnel, Radio personalities, and motivational speakers.
Security- SAPS,CITY POLICE  and private security personnel
Sponsors: Estilsmusic, Caban Productions,Estilite Model Management(EMM), EME DJs, TOWNSHIP SPORTING EVENTS(tse),Vibe FM (Isteshi somphakathi)
 Your sincere contribution will be highly appreciated as it will help us uplift the talent among the youth of our townships in order to make them realise that they are not alone and that there is always an alternative to abstain from drugs and alcohol. For future updates together with Township Sporting Events (TSE) we will be hosting a number of sporting events throughout 2013 of which we will again need your assistance in allowing us to use your venue.
For more information contact:
Mandisa-0721455893/0836173992 /

Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Model Teen to be signed at EMM

EMM Agency is about to sign another new model , Nosipho Zulu ,from Durban,Montclair,17.

According to Estil Mpunzana,EMM,MD he said:

EMM,MD,Estil 'Eme' Mpunzana
"In 2012 our agency,EMM, had  targeteted young models, reason being that we want to keep same models for more than twelve months (our minimum contract period).When the agency hire young models the contract can be easily extended  for a particular model without having problems of models aging quickly.If you were to sign a model at the age of 23 years in age ,an agent  knows very well that it is hard to get that model to enter for National or international Beauty pageants due to the fact that these competitions are targetting young models below that age.

In 2012 alone we have signed 8 aspiring models with ages ranging between 15 and 19 and we are still signing more before we get to year,2013.EMM-Model Londeka ,Naledi,Busiswa, to name a few....One of  models to be signed soon  is Nosipho Zulu,17, who is due for an interview late this month or first week January 2013.
One thing I can asure you is that these girls have outstanding beauty."

Emm-Model Londeka Mkhize,17 (2012)
Emm-Model Bell Buthelezi,22,Pinetown,
Durban (2012)




                               Emm-Model Busiswa   Sosibo,19,
                                               Durban (2012)

EMM-Model Ayanda Bhengu,17 (2013)

EMM-Model Laken 'Barbie' Nagel,
EMM-Model Naledi & Londeka

EMM-Model Naledi & Londeka
EMM- Model Ayanda Bhengu,18,
Umlazi,Durban (2012)
  EMM-Model `Chantelle` Ndlovu,17 ,
Jo`burg (2013)


EMM-Model Naledi

EMM-Model Laken Nagel,17 (2013)

EMM-Model 'Nocia' Nosipho,Montclair,durban



EMM-Model Londeka poise
EMM-Model Naledi,Umlazi,Durban
EMM-Model Naledi Kgomo,17 (2012)

EMM-Model Londeka,Umbilo,

EMM-Model Nosipho