Saturday, 23 June 2012


How to Do a Catwalk on a Snowboard

In snowboarding, the catwalk refers to a narrow trail that is often located on a mountain resort or backcountry slope. Commonly referred to as cat tracks, the catwalk trail does not allow you to perform the wide sweeping turns you are accustomed to. According to Snowboard-Coach, the mellow slope of the catwalk will make your snowboard feel as if it is floating beneath your feet. Without the proper technique, your board may catch in the snow, resulting in painful falls and slide-outs.

Step 1

Don a polycarbonate snowboarding helmet when riding catwalk trails. Fasten the safety straps beneath your chin to secure the helmet in place. Ride toward the entrance of the catwalk with your nondominant foot in the lead position.

Step 2

Approach the catwalk with a moderate speed to avoid losing control during turns and maneuvers. Bend your knees to lower your center of gravity. Hold your arms parallel to the ground while navigating your way along the narrow trail.

Step 3

Shift your body weight between your heels and toes to prevent the underside of the board from catching on the trail. Apply downward pressure to ensure that the opposing edges of the board penetrate the snow. Rotate your snowboard horizontally to check your speed.

Step 4

Elevate your front foot to prevent the nose of the board from catching in powdered snow. Slow your momentum while approaching fellow riders on the catwalk trail. Ride to the right side of the trail when attempting to pass.

Step 5

Call out "on the right" to alert the riders of your position on the trail. Allow the riders to clear a path before executing the pass. Practice these maneuvers and safety techniques to improve your catwalk riding skills.

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