Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Miss Climate Change Kzn 2011 after Party

EMEdotARTIST EVENTS in collaboration with EME DJS and Estilite Model Management is gonna be staging an after party event to take place at Y2K Car Wash,Kwa-Mashu Township on the 26-27th November 2011 from 10h00 a.m. This event will feature artists like "San Gasa" and "Sure Leyo" on Kwaito.
On onse and twos we will feature EME Djs, "Sabza-Jr" , "Just-Sanza","Target" and also with additions like DJ Bon-Bauny,Trueman,Mabauy.
Bring your car for a wash by Estilite Models in bikinis for as little as R60 for a small vehicle and R100 for bigger vehicles.Entry is free and all refreshments will be sold on site.


Mpume Zondi of leVogue might be a New face to showcase at Estilite Model Management Ramp competitions

Estilite Model Management MD,Estil Mpunzana had telephonic interview  with Mpume Zondi,a student at leVogue Modelling School.Mpume has been on the catwalk ramp in competitions like Miss Shaka Marine 2010 and other top competitions.Estil is sure convinced to sign  this young model.These were Estil`s words: "First I have to admit I have never met this young model before but from interviewing her she is convincing and now I have to allow her to enter for auditions to prove her self

Monday, 14 November 2011

"Miss Climate Change Kzn 2011" is on ,25th November 2011 ,Durban City Hall

Unfortunately if you did not enter for auditions which were held at Bat Centre this past weekend you cannot enter for this competion which is to be staged at City hall,Durban,South Africa before the Cope 17.The competition has to take place on the 25th Novemvber 2011.According to Estil Mpunzana,MD ,Estilite Model Management he is looking forward to seing his models winning this competition.He was also dissapointed that some of his new top models,Model Angel Myeza and  Model Nosipho Wanda could not enter this competition because of some personal reasons of them own 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Moyo Social group-Zolestithomzo

Moyo Social group-Zoliswa Mkhonde,Estilite Model Management,Mso,Thobeka Zincume 

This past weekend on Saturday,30th October 2011 between 12h30 to 20h00 Estilite Model Management MD,Estil Mpunzana was sported at Moyo Restaurant with Zoliswa Mkhonde ,Thobeka Zincume and Mso.To our surprise Estil was in his shorts and light green golf shirt when everyone was more in a serious dark colors attire. When the news team phoned Estil this morning  for comments regarding this gathering he did not want to tell what the meeting was all about but just said it was just another outing of close friends and said in his specific words:"who knows,maybe we are forming a Moyo social  group".Surprisingly they were in pairs(two gorgeous females and two males).