Friday, 1 June 2012

How to tease your guy

Tease your man by flipping him over

If you want to tease your man in bed, you need to surprise him. All too often girls do the same old tricks on guys and we all know it’s not hot to please your guy in the same way his last girl did.  To make sure you stand out in bed, surprise your guy by hitting the spots everyone else normally neglects. One way to do this is to flip him over. Men typically stay on their backs or are on top during sex. To mix things up you should lay your man on his front. This way his neck is open. Try to kiss his neck and whisper the odd naughty fantasy or line into his ear. At the same time run your hands down his back – feel free to use your nails too girls.

Tease your man by getting icy

When we say get icy we’re not suggesting you crank up some Vanilla Ice to turn your man on. Instead, you should introduce some of the cold stuff into your foreplay. You can use ice in a number of ways to please and tease, so do whatever you feel comfortable with. To start with, you could blindfold your guy using a satin scarf. Then, with your guy blindfolded pop some ice into your mouth and start to slowly kiss him. It can get messy, but go with it as the ice changes the way you kiss completely. It also makes kissing exciting and novel. Next, place the ice on your man’s pecs; sliding the cubes down towards his groin. Slide the cubes down slowly though. This will make it excruciatingly pleasurable for your man. It’s always a good idea to have some fresh towels to hand once ice-time is over.
Woman undressingwoman undressing

Tease your man by using the hands off approach

One of the simplest ways to tease your man is one of the sexiest. Tell your man that he is not allowed to touch you at all. At some point most of you will have either read about this or tried it. So to make the hands off approach more interesting, try doing it in two stages. The first stage is to tell your guy that he is not allowed to touch you at all. You may want to handcuff him, whilst you tease his body in other ways. The second stage is to untie your guy and let him pleasure you. However, he is not allowed to touch you with his hands or mouth. You should select a few items he can use – like a feather – and make sure he sticks to the rules. After five or 10 minutes of this teasing he won’t be able to stop himself from pouncing on you.

Tease your man by being casual

Sometimes when you try too hard to be seductive it can end up being a bit of a turn off. Keep it simple and tone the levels of seduction down by being casually suggestive to turn your man on instead. For example, when you and your man are alone in your house, walk by an open door naked. If you don’t feel comfortable being completely naked, pop on some sexy underwear instead. Other ways you can tease your guy is to wear a white t-shirt without a bra. Then add some water to your chest area until the top is slightly see-through. Go into the room where your man is and start to do something, like making a drink or reading a magazine. Your guy will eventually clock the way you look. The fact that you are being so casual will heighten his arousal and you’ll be sure to have some explosive bedroom fun.

Tease your man by strip teasing

Although you may not want to start pole dancing or wearing some studded stilettos, strip teasing is a great way to tease your man. As with most things, a decent strip tease is all about the mindset. You need to figure out what kind of persona you want to give when doing the strip tease; do you want to be smouldering and fierce or timid and sweet? The next step is to make yourself feel comfortable and confident. Find something to wear that you look and feel good in and find some music that you can move to easily. It can be worth practising your moves a few times in front of the mirror or even attending a burlesque night. Once you’ve stripped right down, be sure to leave one item on when you finally let him have you – being unable to see everything is part of the fun. Read more on

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