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Catwalk Skills For Runway Modeling

Do you ever wonder why ramp models walk like that?  Well, that walk completes the look of every creation presented on the runway.  Designers go for models who could carry their work of art in the most glamorous and classy way.  If you're an aspiring runway model, read on the following tips and pointers to achieve that catwalk skills.

You may have a killer catwalk model to be in a runway show or high fashion model. It’s must for runway modeling. The walk on the runway is what sells a designer's clothes and it you are uncomfortable with catwalk it will directly affected on the clothing and make negative impression on audiences. Suddenly a good-looking garment will appear odd or slightly off. Generally designer will never book a model for a runway show unless they can really attack that walk and sell the clothes. So if you want to become a famous model break out the stilettos, a video camera, digital camera, tape, and grab a good friend, because it's time to do practice.
Practice with shoes :
To become a famous runway model try to concentration on your catwalk. Always try to practice in high heels. Practice with stilettos and regular high heels also do practice with as clogs and shorter shoes. You need to learn how to balance in each shoe and comfortably take a walk on ramp. It’s better for you to try more and more shoes because you never what a designer or stylist will give you. So try to done practice more and more on different shoes to become a famous runway model. Catwalk is most important features of runway modeling. All designer clothes sells depend on it.
Right Attitude :
To become a famous runway model work on your attitude. Push your shoulders back and angle the pelvis forward and upward. This is the right attitude for walk on the ramp. Hold this position for some time before relaxing. By more practicing it will be easy for you and it will look more natural.
Tape the floor :
Generally, in runway modeling models have to walk on ramp, straight line down to a hallway, outdoor patio or across a long room with a wood floor. Its better that model should have enough practice of this type of condition before appearing any fashion week. Always walk on the line one foot crossing in front of the other. You want to pilot with your hips and extend your walking leg out far so you are taking strides, not baby steps. Always remember land on the toes and press your foot into the floor through your toe, ball then heel. Never walk with the weight on your heels, keep it toward the toe with the rest of the weight falling on the center of the foot. To become a famous runway model take care all of this.
Thrash out the video camera :
Always record your walk on video camera. Watch that recorded video and try to analysis your self. Can you staring straight ahead? Did you maintain to your feet on the line? How does look your body line? When you walk are you holding the correct posture? And make necessary change when it is require. To become a famous runway model always try to make improvement on your catwalk.
Ask your friend :
Have a friend watch you on a ramp. Ask for their positive criticism. Say you friend to observe your walking, if possible take some photos with digital camera. Walk in the ramp normally like catwalk model do for any runway show and say photographers to take photos like an actual show. Try to analysis your body lines and posture in the photos. Do your attitudes is right on photo or do you still require practice. To become a famous runway model keep practicing and work to improve your catwalk because it is most important features of runway modeling.


How to Do a Catwalk on a Snowboard

In snowboarding, the catwalk refers to a narrow trail that is often located on a mountain resort or backcountry slope. Commonly referred to as cat tracks, the catwalk trail does not allow you to perform the wide sweeping turns you are accustomed to. According to Snowboard-Coach, the mellow slope of the catwalk will make your snowboard feel as if it is floating beneath your feet. Without the proper technique, your board may catch in the snow, resulting in painful falls and slide-outs.

Step 1

Don a polycarbonate snowboarding helmet when riding catwalk trails. Fasten the safety straps beneath your chin to secure the helmet in place. Ride toward the entrance of the catwalk with your nondominant foot in the lead position.

Step 2

Approach the catwalk with a moderate speed to avoid losing control during turns and maneuvers. Bend your knees to lower your center of gravity. Hold your arms parallel to the ground while navigating your way along the narrow trail.

Step 3

Shift your body weight between your heels and toes to prevent the underside of the board from catching on the trail. Apply downward pressure to ensure that the opposing edges of the board penetrate the snow. Rotate your snowboard horizontally to check your speed.

Step 4

Elevate your front foot to prevent the nose of the board from catching in powdered snow. Slow your momentum while approaching fellow riders on the catwalk trail. Ride to the right side of the trail when attempting to pass.

Step 5

Call out "on the right" to alert the riders of your position on the trail. Allow the riders to clear a path before executing the pass. Practice these maneuvers and safety techniques to improve your catwalk riding skills.

Walk like a Catwalk Model

Walk like a Catwalk Model

here are lots of challenges for those who want to be a model, and earning to walk like a catwalk model is one of them. Some may think this is difficult but in reality, it is very simple to do.

Are you looking to strut your stuff at a local fashion event, or just add a little sex appeal to your walk? If so, then you can learn to walk like a catwalk model. All you need is to follow these steps and dedicate some time to practice.

Pounding the catwalk like a professional model isn't the easiest task in the world 
Though wearing the latest fashions and walking with a little "oomph" may seem like a piece of cake, perfecting the ideal runway walk is something that requires much practice. If you want to walk like the girls on "America's Next Top Model," keep the following tips in mind.

Make sure you are comfortable. Choose the right shoes. If you're not used to walking in heels, start with a thin two-inch heel, or a low wedge heel, preferably one that you have already broken in. (Later, you can work your way up to walking in higher, less comfortable heels.) If the shoes are new, scratch the soles with scissors so that they will not slip when they touch the floor. Alternatively, you can cover the sole of the shoe with masking tape, if you don't want to scratch your shoes. Whatever you do, don't wear flip flops!

Learn to stand like a supermodel. Practice your posture, throw your shoulders back, and push your pelvis slightly forward. It might create the illusion that you're leaning back a little, rather than hunching forward. You should be able to balance a book on the top of your head.

Practice your catwalk strut as much as you can. Models often learn the ropes by walking with a book on top of their heads. This encourages great posture and a fierce walk down the runway. Don't worry if the book topples off of your head your first few tries. It's bound to happen. Try it this way until you can walk without it falling off.

Practice walking with one leg crossing over the other. When you walk, be sure to keep your back straight, your stomach sucked in and your head lifted up. Figure out what swagger works for you. Each model has their own pace and style of walking which can only be found through practice.

Place one hand on your hip and do a slight dip with your hips when you reach the end of the catwalk. Immediately turn and begin your walk back over the runway at a steady, but quick pace.

Train your face to work with the music; catwalk models aren't all about their walk. Some designers prefer upbeat models and music, where a sexy smile is appropriate. Most models prefer a neutral look, with their eyes and lips deadened in a way. Always keep your gaze strong, but avoid bursting into laughter or smiles throughout your walk down the catwalk.

The final step is to swing your hips as you walk. Don't flaunt your hips too much but subtly show off your hips by swinging them back and forth as you walk down the line. Walk the line with on foot in front of the other, and swing your hips as you walk, and you will be walking like a catwalk model in no time

How to Walk Like a Catwalk Model

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Many women want to look, dress and be like a model. But to do that, you should first start walking like a model. While the women on the runway might make it look easy, strutting your stuff in 4-inch heels isn't. Here's how to make an impression on the catwalk.


  1. 1
    It doesn't matter if you're comfortable. Choose the right shoes. If you're not used to walking in heels, you'll learn quickly. If the shoes are new, scratch the soles with scissors so that they will not slip when they touch the floor. Alternatively, you can cover the sole of the shoe with masking tape, if you don't want to scratch your shoes. Whatever you do, don't wear flip flops!

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  2. 2
    Shoulders back
     Shoulders back
    Learn to stand like a supermodel. Practice yourposture, throw your shoulders forward, and push your pelvis slightly forward. It might create the illusion that you're leaning forward a little, rather than leaning back in an unwelcoming pose. You should be able to balance a book on the top of your head.
  3. 3
    Place the toes of your foot down first, then your heel, but keep most of your weight balanced on the ball of your foot rather than on the heel. It may feel strange, but keeping much of your weight on the ball of the foot gives you more of an elegant stride than a clunky (stepped down) heel- weighted walk would. It's almost like walking on your tippy-toes, the way ballerinas do, but more natural.
  4. 4
    Put one foot in front of the other (literally). Toes should face outwards. Your footprints should form a zigzag. When done quickly, this gives the body that characteristic swing. You ankles should never bump, this is painful and may make you fall!
  5. 5
    Make your stride look long and commanding by lifting your legs almost in the same fashion a horse would while doing trotting leg extensions. For each stride, you want to lift your foot a good distance off the ground (with a bend in the knee) and then place it down a good distance in front of the supporting leg, with a stride longer than a normal walk would have. Don't make your strides too large as this will make you look awkward and ungraceful, but make sure you take large enough steps, rather than just baby steps. Remember to turn with your hip. It's hard to describe but easy to do.
  6. 6
    A sultry stare
     A sultry stare
    Look straight forward, capturing the essence of the clothes you're wearing with the expression on your face. Focus on an object straight ahead of you (but don't stare at a viewer...that is creepy). Try to smize (smile with you eyes). This will give a fierce look to your face and to your walk. Keep your chin level and your eyes up - you want the spectators to see your face. Keep your head and shoulders still as your body moves down the runway. Your head and shoulder should feel a little like a sturdy coat hanger, and things should swing from there. Don't swing your shoulders, and don't over exagerate arm movements. Do make sure, however, that your hips swing more than they would usually. This may take some practice to look good. When the beats to your music are slower, swing your hips more and slow your pace. When you make your turn at the end, make sure your left foot is in front as you pause for a beat or double beat in your music. Your hips, shoulders, and feet should be facing the side of the runway as your head is turned to look straight on at the audience over your shoulder. After pausing or posing for a beat, pivot your feet back towards the curtain or glass, pick up your front foot first (your right foot), and continue walking. Make sure that your face is the last thing to turn away from the audience.
  7. 7
    Fingers naturally fidget or fist up when you're nervous, but don't let them! It will be a bigger distraction than you realize. Just let them hang down, relaxed. Shaking your hands out before you walk will help your fingers relax and look more natural.
  8. 8
    Develop your own signature walk. There's no simple formula for walking the runway, and what will ultimately make you stand out is not only how well you can move your body but also how much of your own personality you can inject into your performance to make it memorable. The best way to create your own unique style is to experiment, practice, and get feedback (even if it means taking some constructive criticism).
  9. 9
    Most importantly, you must walk and strut your stuff like you know you're beautiful and you know that you're smokin' hot, and all the young men out there are going to be going crazy when they see you!. Self-doubt and low self-esteem can be damaging and there's nothing prettier than a girl with confidence.
  10. 10
    You could practice strutting like you mean it by listening to your iPod or mp3 player, or other musical device, put a hot song on and walk to the beat
  11. Tips

    • Watch supermodels walk the walk. Visit fashion shows and watch them on TV. Who were the models that stood out the most? What made them unique? How was her walk different from the others'? Learn from the best so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel.
    • Videotape yourself walking, so you can understand what other people are seeing. Also, by keeping a visual record of your walk, you'll be able to trace your progress as you learn how to strut your stuff like a real supermodel would.
    • If you should trip, fall, or have any other unfortunate circumstance, recover gracefully. Smile, and keep going as if it never happened. Nothing will demonstrate your confidence like your performance under stressful circumstances.
    • Don't move your arms or shoulders too much, and don't move an arm more than you move the other, or it will look like you have only one arm that works.
    • Don't exaggerate by opening your eyes too much or lifting your legs too high while walking.
    • Step gracefully, not like you're marching.
    • You may trip. Catch yourself and brush it off.
    • And "Smize" like Tyra would say, meaning SMILE WITH YOUR EYES.
    • Keep your posture from "H2T" Head to Toe

Celebrity Trainer Tips: 4 Healthy Tips that Supermodels

1. Increase your workout's intensity, especially if you don't have time for a long sesh. 
"On the days that you don’t have time, you replace the duration for the intensity," Andrea told Jen. "When my models are on the road and they only have 30 minutes, I want them to do a circuit. So they do a lot of jumping jacks, followed by lunges, followed by squats, by running stairs. Get what you can in and don’t always be married to the concept of the gym." When Heidi's crunched for time, she runs hills!
2. Get committed.
Six days on, one day off: That's Andrea's protocol for her superstar clients. "And they’re eating clean and lean all week long," she says. A.K.A. Supermodels don't just look like that; they work their butts off, too.
3. Eat enough...and eat the right stuff.
"You need enough protein to contribute to the metabolism and also maintain the tissue growth of weight training you’re doing. And you want to eat enough carbohydrates to replenish and to give you the energy to do the work, yet not so many that they’ll be stored as fat. We need to have that balance enough so that we we’re eating enough to maintain a lean physique, but not too much so that our body is storing it, and not too little amount of calories so that our body doesn’t work for us metabolically."
4. Snack like a supermodel.
Andrea says that to boost her metabolism, Heidi Klum doesn't go more than three or four hours without a snack. "A lot of people think that malnourishment is synonymous with being lean, but all it is synonymous with is starving and having your metabolism slow down. And it makes you soft because you have no integrity in the muscles to keep them toned."
Thanks a billion, Andrea! Love love love these tips. So, who else is going to be eating and workout out like a runway star tonight? I wouldn't mind looking like Heidi (just sayin').

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10 Must-Have Nail Colors for Summer 2012


Monday, May 28, 2012 / 5:00 PM
MAC's 'Hey Sailor' campaign
It’s Memorial Day and that means you can start trying to wrap your head around the fact that summer is almost here. While you’re doing that, your next logical thought should be: “What nail polish should I be wearing now?”
We already told you about some spring nail polish collections (here and here) but sort of like iPhones, new versions are always being introduced. The colors of the summer run the gamut from gentle pastels to bright neons and everything in between.
Click through to see our favorite nail colors for the summer. (We cheated a bit and included a few sets as well, so there are more than 10 colors here.) Now go find your next signature shade!

Lady Gaga’s New Perfume Revealed


Wednesday, Jun 13, 2012 / 10:51 AM
Photo: Lady Gaga's Twitter
For the last few months Lady Gaga has not figured that prominently in our news feeds or in our thoughts–the occasional concert bannotwithstanding. But suddenly she’s everywhere! We learned yesterday that Mother Monster already shot the cover ofVogue‘s September issue, a move that should help Vogue sell issues (her March cover was the mag’s number two best-seller of the year) and help Gaga sell her new perfume.
Ah, that elusive perfume! We’ve been hearing about that damn potion for almost two years now, and as we get closer to the launch date, rumors continue to fly.
Here’s what we know: the fragrance will reportedly smell of “blood and semen”, which is a totally romantic combo, to be sure. Gaga laterconfirmed the presence of eau de bodily fluids, and added that the overall vibe will be that of an “expensive hooker.” So far this is totally Vogue material, right? Well, thanks to an over-zealousFlare editor who got her hands on an advance sample, we know a lot more.
The scent, supposedly called “Fame”, is a black liquid (“like the soul of fame”) that will change color when you apply it to your skin, the Daily Mail is reporting. Also, Gaga supposedly clarified that no, it will not actually smell like the sheets after a vigorous 50 Shades of Grey style romp:
It was taken out of my own blood sample, so it’s a sense of having me on your skin. I wanted to extract sort of the feeling and sense of blood and semen from molecular structures, so that’s where [the rumors] came from. That is in the perfume, but it doesn’t smell like that. Actually, the perfume smells like an expensive hooker.
Update: After an editor posted (and subsequently deleted) a sneaky photo of the fragrance bottle on Twitter, a disgruntled Gaga took to the Internet to post her own, better-lit Instagrams of ‘Fame: Black Liquid’ and divulge a bit more info. From her Twitter:
“Looks like photos of my perfume are being leaked,” she said. “Oh fashion editors I could just crinkle my hands at you!” We don’t really know what that means, but we aren’t too worried.
Anyway, she gave us a look at the front the front and back of the box, including the perfume’s ingredients, which sound straight from a chapter of Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvelous Medicine: Tears of Belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchidea, with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot, and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops. Enticing… but where’s ‘Liquid Gaga DNA’?
So will you wear Gaga’s blood molecules and smell like a prostitute this fall?

Don’t Get Burned by the New FDA Sunscreen Guidelines: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Photo: Vogue Paris, Inez & Vinoodh
It’s summer and I already have a bad farmer tan and some new freckles to prove it, thanks to a careless (and hatless) weekend spent in the suburbs with friends. It’s time to stock up on sunscreen, and while it’s not the sexiest beauty product out there, it’s a necessary evil–unless you want wrinkles, weird dark spots…oh and don’t forget cancer. We know–you’ve heard all this before.
What you may not have heard is that the way you are using sunscreen needs to change. The FDA announced new guidelines for sunscreen labeling last year, and since this is a transition year, there’s lots of confusion out there right now because both old and new labels are floating around. (The FDA gave companies until June 18 to comply, though they’ve since extended the date to ensure there isn’t a sunscreen shortage this summer.)
We asked a few dermatologists to lay it all out for us, and also to offer their take on the best way to stay protected with the least amount of hassle. Read on for the scoop on how to interpret the new labels, as well as our fave new sunscreens, which come in all sorts of innovative formulas. Trust us when we say this is not your mom’s goopy Coppertone.
• There’s no such thing as “waterproof” sunscreen: Just ask Leah, who came back from her recent beach getaway a little fried after using a so-called waterproof brand. According to L’OrĂ©al Paris Consulting Dermatologist Dr. Gervaise Gerstner, sunscreens can no longer claim to be waterproof and sweat-proof. Companies can say sunscreen is “water resistant” but must specify how often you should reapply.
• So how often should you re-apply?: Dr. Gerstner recommends slathering more on after an hour of swimming or sweating. You don’t need to re-apply for routine daily use. “Remember you get sun even through the car window,” she reminded us.
• What exactly does “broad spectrum” mean? With the new FDA monograph guidelines in effect, only products that provide balanced UV protection will be labeled ‘Broad Spectrum.’ Both UVA and UVB rays contribute to sunburn, skin cancer and premature skin aging so it’s important to pick a product that offers proven balanced protection. Products that are not ‘Broad Spectrum’ or contain SPF levels lower than SPF 15 can only claim to prevent sunburn.
So what about makeup and beauty products that contain sunscreen. Do they do anything?
Photo: Vogue Paris, by Inez & Vinoodh
Wearing foundation with SPF doesn’t count: “It is great if a foundation has sunscreen in it, BUT I dont let this count…it is just an extra bonus,” she said. “The reason is because we often skimp on the amount of foundation we apply as to not look too ‘made-up.’” So apply sunscreen, then put your SPF-laden foundation over it.
Any sneaky tips for application? Dr. Gerstner said, “Put sunscreen on a foundation brush to easily apply the formula on your face. Also, use sunscreen spray for the hairline and part line which tend to burn, especially on blondes.”
And how about all the the new mineral powder sunscreens? We asked Dr.Elizabeth Hale, a Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology at New York University Langone Medical Center, about these amazing products, which we feel are brilliant on so many levels. “I like mineral based powder sunscreens and think of them as a nice extra layer of protection. I am not convinced that they offer enough stand-alone protection,” she said. “Personally, I use them daily as a last layer, over my sunscreen and any make up I might be wearing. It is a nice ‘finish’ and takes away any shiny look some sunscreens might impart to the skin.”
Now that you’re armed with information, go arm yourself with some products. Click through to see our five favorite sunscreens of the season.

New Study: Women Buy More Beauty Products During a Recession to Attract a Sugar Daddy

Dior's new "Summer Mix" beauty campaign
The so-called “Lipstick Effect”–the phenomenon of women buying more beauty products during economic downturns–gets a lot of attention during recessions. It’s a purchasing pattern that can be traced back to the Great Depression; the economy takes a turn for the worse, so women want to buy something pretty to cheer themselves up. It’s been documented a lot, most recently in 2008, like when Lehman Brothers went bust but L’Oreal posted increased sales. The conventional thinking is this: The economy sucks, so we need to cheer ourselves up with some hot pink lipstick and glitter nail polish. It’s much more pleasant writing a rent check with nice nails, right?
A new study, however, points to a much more Darwinian cause for our desire to run out and get a new blush once the Dow drops. A new report (via HuffPo)–actually a series of five studies–from researchers at Texas Christian University, the University of Minnesota, the University of Texas at San Antonio and Arizona State University theorizes that we’re buying that shiny, seductive lip gloss because we’re trying to catch ourselves a fella who can help out with the aforementioned rent.
The first of the five studies confirmed that spending on beauty products really does increase during recessions. The results of the subsequent studies, in which unmarried female subjects read about the recession, choose items to buy, and rated their feelings of attractiveness (it was actually much more complicated than we’re making it sound) are where it gets freaky. It basically all comes down to attracting a mate–preferably with a nice bank account–with your kissable lips:
Because there are fewer men with access to resources in recessionary periods, women‘s desire for resource access in a mate increased in response to recession cues…these findings show that the lipstick effect reflects a strategic shift in women‘s consumer behavior that is guided by the desire to attract the mates they most desire in an environment where they are rarified.
Which basically means that in a recession there are fewer sugar daddies around so you need to up your game. And this was independent of socioeconomic status; even women with a decent paycheck exhibited these “Lipstick Effect” behaviors. This is the most depressing thing we’ve heard in a long time.
We’re heading right out and splurging on a new Chanel lipstick in a man-repelling color just because we deserve it, damn it