Friday, 22 June 2012

Miss SA 2012 Pageant Tips

Tatum Keshwar

Top Hair Tips from Gary Rom

When you compete in a beauty pageant you have to be on top of your game. To help you prepare for the Miss SA pageant, we have compiled some useful tips to help you get ready.
It’s very important to start preparing your hair for summer time, so using a leave-in treatment from Kerastase (Nutrifdefense) to moisturise and nourish the hair will prevent dryness during summer. Curls are very fashionable at the moment. Try *diffusing your hair once a week.  This improves the condition of your hair as you don't have the intense heat of the straightening iron or hair drier on full blast.
Now is a good time to start using a sun range for the summer period. The heat of an average hairdryer is equivalent to 30 minutes in the sun.  Both are very harsh on your hair, and using Colour Extend Sun from Redken will ensure your colour does not fade and your hair is protected (much like sun tan lotion would protect your skin). Ensure the brush that you use to blowwave your hair is not older than one and a half years.  Bristles will eventually start to break and can damage your hair.
Lastly, be daring this summer!  Blondes and coppers are the in thing this summer season. With theirexpertise and talented stylists, Gary Rom hairdressing will make sure you always look smashing!
*(A diffuser is a big round nozzle that fits onto your  hair drier and helps to form a sexy, scrunchy, Shakira look. The drier should be set on a low speed with the heat on full)

Pageant Tips

Skin Care and Anti-Aging Regimes

When you compete in a beauty pageant you have to be on top of your game. To help you prepare for the Miss SA pageant, we have compiled some useful tips to help you get ready.
Creating the perfect anti-aging regime requires more than a simple anti-wrinkle cream. Looking and feeling young is absolutely essential to stay competitive. The following beauty pageant tips focus ontrends in skin care and aging.
In the cream and skin care department just about every new cream on the market is going to have anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties. Here’s a look at some of the latest ingredient innovations – read them to find out more about what you should be using on your skin:
  • Argiriline: A non-toxic skin relaxant with a similar function to Botox, but without a need for an injection. It works by reducing excessive catecholamine’s that is responsible for the skin tension and plays a role in the neurotransmission of nerves that supply the skin by relaxing them.
  • Renovage: Helps to improve ageing skin, diminish redness and help with wrinkles. Inside a skin cell are parts of your DNA called telomeres. These telomere structures shorten as you age and Renovage is an active ingredient that helps the telomere structures keep their length. Full telomere length helps promote skin repair and detoxification.
  • Kombuchka: A molecule that offers a non-invasive, natural way to smooth out skin and produce more radiance and colour. It also has strong anti-glycation activity that helps protect the integrity of collagen and elastin, which is vital for skin to sustain its youth.
  • Matrixyl: Able to reduce the appearance of wrinkle depth and volume, decrease the area occupied by deep wrinkles and increase skin tone and acts as an alternative to Retinol and Vitamin C.
When purchasing your next anti-age cream, look out for some of the above mentioned ingredients.
Source: Larry Krug, CEO of Nutriwomen.
Stay tuned for more beauty pageant tips

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