Saturday, 23 June 2012

Celebrity Trainer Tips: 4 Healthy Tips that Supermodels

1. Increase your workout's intensity, especially if you don't have time for a long sesh. 
"On the days that you don’t have time, you replace the duration for the intensity," Andrea told Jen. "When my models are on the road and they only have 30 minutes, I want them to do a circuit. So they do a lot of jumping jacks, followed by lunges, followed by squats, by running stairs. Get what you can in and don’t always be married to the concept of the gym." When Heidi's crunched for time, she runs hills!
2. Get committed.
Six days on, one day off: That's Andrea's protocol for her superstar clients. "And they’re eating clean and lean all week long," she says. A.K.A. Supermodels don't just look like that; they work their butts off, too.
3. Eat enough...and eat the right stuff.
"You need enough protein to contribute to the metabolism and also maintain the tissue growth of weight training you’re doing. And you want to eat enough carbohydrates to replenish and to give you the energy to do the work, yet not so many that they’ll be stored as fat. We need to have that balance enough so that we we’re eating enough to maintain a lean physique, but not too much so that our body is storing it, and not too little amount of calories so that our body doesn’t work for us metabolically."
4. Snack like a supermodel.
Andrea says that to boost her metabolism, Heidi Klum doesn't go more than three or four hours without a snack. "A lot of people think that malnourishment is synonymous with being lean, but all it is synonymous with is starving and having your metabolism slow down. And it makes you soft because you have no integrity in the muscles to keep them toned."
Thanks a billion, Andrea! Love love love these tips. So, who else is going to be eating and workout out like a runway star tonight? I wouldn't mind looking like Heidi (just sayin').

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