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For the first time a collective of Durban designers will be showing at Joburg Fashion Week

Sponsored by the KZN Fashion Council (KZNFC) four designers will be bringing a Durban spirit to the Highveld. These include Karen Monk Klijnstra, Genna-Wae Webster, Kathrin Kidger and Siyathema Ngwenya.

Founded by the eThekwini Municipality's Economic Development Unit and the KZN Department of Economic Development and Tourism the KZN Fashion Council aims to encourage designers to be sustainable, competitive and to be able to compete globally and nationally.

According to Jasmine Sultan, the programme director responsible for the operational management of the KZNFC, it was a strategy that as part of the KZNFC Market Access programme,  designers should be afforded an opportunity to showcase and as such MBJFW would be a good platform to show the calibre, quality and excellence of the DBN designers.

“In November 2011, a sub committee was established,” she explains. “This was made up of representation from government - the Ethekwini Municipality  (Economic Development Unit) and KZN Department of Economic Development and Tourism, myself and 2 members of the KZNFC Board - Gary Halfpenny and Greg Wallis who are industry experts and very well respected (Greg is also the chairperson of the KZNFC).

“An open call for applications was advertised in the media, CV's were shortlisted and then shortlisted candidates were invited to interviews - they presented garments, storyboards, and their business profile to the commmittee.

“They were also asked a set of standard questions. The committee then agreed on the selection of the 4 designers. I must add that after selection, these designers have been coached and mentored throughout the entire process - from a technical and business side by the sub-committee. So there has been ongoing progress meetings and feedback sessions.”

According to Monk Kljnstra, this initiative ensures that each designer has taken the process very seriously and that the collection that will be shown on the catwalk is immediately market ready.

“We have been assisted right from the start,” says the designer, “And it’s imperative that the collections are 70/30 split commercially.”

She adds that the show will bring a 100% Durban spirit – including their own hairdresser (!) and a selection of Durban celebrities.

“Without giving too much away my collection is a futuristic take on Zulu culture with a bit of Frieda Kahlo thrown in,” she says. “A Zulu Frieda!”

Genna Wae Webster's range, from her label Wae West, is about feeling comfortable and sexy in your lingerie. Genna-Wae Webster wants to bring back an air of mystery into society. No more wearing tanks and tees to bed. Beautiful slips and knickers, is the best reason to dress in lingerie. It’s all about layers. Garments are manufactured from high quality stretch satins, sleek wet looks, slinky meshes, romantic laces and breezy chiffons mostly

Siyethemba Ngwenya presents a men’s wear collection where shape and structure is critical to provide the perfect fit. The design is fresh and edgy. Slim fit pants and a dropped crutch provide a baggy look, while tapered at the bottom. Matt fabrics that include lanvins, meltons and cottons are key, while heavyweight denims are specifically washed to provide the right effect



Bermuda shorts made a dramatic comeback at the Giorgio Armani catwalk show at Milan Fashion Week on Monday, which mixed modern cuts and vibrant colours with throwbacks to the 1920s.

"The look is rockabilly, reflecting a fun, bad-girl attitude," the Armani team said, but the brand's mix of masculine clothes with feminine coloured prints in oranges, fuchsias and reds received a mixed reaction in the audience.

The show kicked off with grey trouser suits topped off with fedora-style hats worn tilted with shiny flat shoes, giving the models a sexy gangster look.

Black bermudas were matched with shocking neon orange and pink blouses and shirts, and one which gathered loosely up around the neck like a flower bud and worn under a snug black velvet jacket, sparked a round of admiring applause.

There were faux fur light and loose-fitting coats with satin trim, loose satin skirts to the knee and black woollen roll-neck jumpers, as well as shrugs with electric blue lines and a peach dress covered in black swinging beads.

The most eccentric pieces were a dress with a transparent black skirt revealing a pair of shocking pink bermudas below, and a pair of orange and pink over sized velvet coats which seemed to have swallowed their wearers whole.

While the waistline began high, it dropped towards the end of the collection and evening dresses with ruffle flounces and glittering sequins worn with long crystal chains had a 1920s soul


Wednesday, 29 Feb 2012
 We're loving the mix up of artificial and real fur, plants and rubber in the latest Fendi AW collection. In particular look at Karl's ingenious use of the Kudu skin



David Tlale to launch Van Der Tlale winter range at select Legit stores in May

“This is a great opportunity for the Legit brand to be associated with a designer of David’s calibre. The aim of this first of its kind in Mzansi collaboration, is to bring stylish and chic wear at affordable prices to the Legit market”, said Ocean Ngobeni, Brand Manager at Legit.

Legit follows on a popular international trend of successful fashion collaborations between exclusive designers and some of the biggest clothing retail stores in Europe and America. In recent times, the world’s top designers such as Jimmy Choo, Karl Lagerfield and Versace have partnered with the international renowned clothing chain, H&M to bring clothing that is trendy and inexpensive to ordinary people and celebrities alike.

David said, of this collaboration, “I am excited to have to give SA’s younger market a chance to wear my range. We are breaking new ground in SA I’m delighted that I will be doing it with Legit, one of South Africa’s trendiest clothing stores”.

The winter range will be a once off, never to be repeated and will available in stores from 04 May 2012

Sunday, 26 February 2012

New Faces at Estilite Model Management-Naledi and Londeka

Model "Londie`"Londeka Mkhize in the Night shifon wear
Model Londie in undies-Downtown fashions
Model Naledi Kgomo-house improvemens

congratulations to Londeka Mkhize and Naledi Kgomo for making it in stage one of the journey of being Estilite Moels.Estilite Model Management has interviewed two models who will be mainly featured in all fashion brand projects which the agency is working on.The two models were interviewed yesterday in order to be signed on a 12 month contract which is subject to review.According to the agency MD,Estil,he said the girls showed the vigor and  passion for modelling and during the interview he picked some professionalism and confidence in them though they are still young.He did admit that he still has to shape them a bit in order to make them real modeling professionals.He added that they will be sent to modelling schools for shaping.In addition to the interview the models were advised that theier conduct in social media will be considered and will be continually monitored for the next three weeks how they behave before they sign the actual modelling legal contract.The girls were given a task to enter for Miss Ushaka Marine World 2012 just to build their confidence more and if they are lucky enough ,they will be selected for this competition ...

Saturday, 25 February 2012


K MODELS welcomes you to the specialist Modeling Industry Network featuring modeling agencies and businesses from the markets of Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Africa, North and South America.  K MODELS has been published on the web continuously since Spring 2000.  
At K we feature agencies from many nations.  Please email us at  if you know of any agencies we have not listed or if any of our web links are broken.  The purpose of is to help agencies, clients, scouts, photographers & casting directors from across the world find each other & communicate directly. 
All agencies and modeling related businesses in these markets are welcome to contact us.  If you wish to be listed immediately in the Directory, have your Directory listing updated immediately or wish to become a Featured agency please see our advertising page .
Sorry but at K MODELS we only feature model agencies and businesses, not individual models.  We are not a model agency (employment business or employment agency) and do not provide a work finding service for work seekers (models).  Also please note that K MODELS is a 'no nudity' website and requests to list websites such as escort agencies will be deleted.
Thank you.  K MODELS .com

Friday, 24 February 2012

South Africa`s Super Models -Candice,Behati and Heidi


heidiBehati PrinsloobehatiHeidi Verster

Candice Swanepoel

10 ways to annoy your twitter followers

10 Ways to annoy your Twitter followers

When I finally joined Twitter in 2007, it came as a welcome relief. I had become so sick and tired of Facebook and all the Facebook Application invites. Every Mafia Wars and Farmville invite I received seemed to push my blood pressure further and further into the red and Facebook had lost all meaning.
On the other hand, Twitter was quiet. The people I got to interact with were a breath of fresh air because, it seemed, that everyone was fed up with the noise on Facebook.
But it would appear that all the annoying people on Facebook have now joined Twitter.
In order for me to maintain my sanity, I have decided to put together a few rules I hope you’ll find useful. Think of them as the “neighbourly walls” that keep society functioning:
1. If you follow me, I don’t have to follow you
Very little annoys me as much as someone who demands I follow them. OK, in the early days I broke this rule too, but the beauty of twitter is that I am in control of my account and I will decide who I want to follow. If you send me demands to follow you, I will block you.
2. Don’t ask me why I unfollowed you
Right behind #1 is this gem: If I decide you’re annoying me, I will unfollow you. Don’t ask me why I did it — my twitter stream is my little world and I will follow and unfollow whoever I like. The same goes if I decide to block you. Just let it be.
3. Please don’t preach at me
I know you love Jesus. I love him too. But if I decide to say something or tweet about something that affronts your particular world view or brand of faith, please don’t preach online. It’s as rude as if you were doing it in person. Let’s save sermons for Sunday mornings. (I’m usually at the 8:30 service).
4. Talk with me, not at me
Twitter is about being in a conversation with someone. And it’s exactly like a real-life conversation. Don’t talk at me non-stop. Conversation means more than one person talking; otherwise it’s just a speech.
5. Don’t send out auto-DMs
An Auto-DM is when you’ve set up a message to thank them for following you once they click the follow button. Yes sure, it’s cute and sounds very nice — but it’s incredibly impersonal and that’s exactly the opposite of what Twitter is all about. So if you’re tempted to auto-DM, don’t.
6. Don’t retweet about yourself
It’s always nice when someone says something nice to or about you. Unfortunately you lose all credibility online if you go ahead and retweet the compliment. It makes you look shallow, self-important and just plain icky.
7. You’re more than just your job
We all have jobs. Many of us hate our jobs. There are even some who like their jobs. But please don’t tweet all day long about your job/boss/clients and how you love/hate/adore/ignore them. It quickly gets old and boring. You’re more than that. Show us twits what a lovely balanced person you are. (The same goes for those obsessed with Sports Clubs, Societies, Scouts, New Agies, Churchies, Political Organisations)
8. If you wouldn’t show your mother, don’t do it
Remember that whatever you tweet today will stay on the internet long after you die. Make sure that whatever you tweet accurately reflects how you want people to remember you. You may find that naked picture of your neighbour ironing her clothes funny, but others may not (if you’re not convinced, just read up on #jugcam) My general rule of thumb is this: If you wouldn’t want your dear sweet Mom or Grandmother to see the tweet, then you probably shouldn’t put it on Twitter.
9. Don’t steal tweets
Sometimes people say something nice or funny on Twitter. There may be other times you wish you had said it first. You may even convince yourself that you said it first and that by some cosmic freak your thoughts were telepathically stolen from you. Whatever you use to justify this to yourself, do not steal tweets. Claiming a tweet as your own is as much a crime on Twitter as plagiarising Harry Potter and telling everyone it was yours. If it’s something worth sharing with your timeline, retweet it.
10. Don’t moan and gripe
My pet-hate on twitter is the “moaners and groaners”. Yes, we all have bad days and there’s nothing wrong with telling people you’d rather crawl naked through a pit of scorpions than attend one more meeting with your boss (who incidentally may actually be following you on Twitter). But Twitter is my place to chill out, talk with friends (old and new) find out what’s news and have a good time. And yes, sometimes I need a virtual hug and cheering up. But if every single tweet of yours is a gripe or a moan or a complaint I’ll think you are either seeking attention or in serious need of therapy. Either way, you will be unfollowed.
Robert Frost once said “good fences make good neighbours” and as in real life, Twitter has rules that keep us functioning like a civilised society. It’s not a free-for-all and by taking a little time to observe the nuances online you’ll find that we really could become very good neighbours

Thursday, 23 February 2012


Designer David Tlale Launches Luella David Tlale Shoe Collection

Designer David Tlale Launches Luella David Tlale Shoe Collection

David Tlale 1
South Africa’s (SA) David Tlale, a household fashion name in SA who showed this past Spring at New York Fashion Week, has officially launched the Luella David Tlale Shoe Collection. Launched yesterday, the Collection is a collaboration with popular British fashion brand Luella founded by Luella Bartley, British Vogue Editor turned designer.
Tlale’s shoe collection encompasses six styles ranging from crafted cage leather platforms to bejewelled satin peep-toes.
“The partnership with Luella came at a right time when I was looking for something that would complement the garments we design, explains David Tlale in a statement to the press. “Luella understands what the DT brand is about and, together, we came up with a daring collection that is sure going to turn heads.”
Turn heads it is as South Africa’s fashionistas are already in line to purchase the The Luella David Tlale Shoe Collections. The Collection is available in 12 Luella stores starting December 2009. Within South Africa, Ladybrille-David Tlale lovers can shop for his shoes at:
Gauteng: Centurion, The Glen, East Rand Mall, Woodlands, Riverside Mall, Waterfall Mall
Western Cape: Canal Walk, Cavendish, Tygervalley
Eastern Cape: Greenacres
KZN: Midlands Mall
Free State: Loch Logan
Congrats to David and his ever expanding fashion enterprise!
David Tlale 2
David Tlale 4
David Tlale 3
~Photos courtesy David Tlale

David Tlale in New York Fashion Week during valentine`s day

David Tlale presents “Glam Intersection” in New York on Valentine’s Day

South Africa’s darling of fashion, designer David Tlale is due to present his Autumn/Winter 2012 ready-to-wear collection titled “Glam Intersections” in New York on 14 February. Hosted by the South African Consulate, Tlale will present his collection to an audience full of dignitaries, global fashion enthusiasts, and the fashion and lifestyle media.
“We are very excited to be returning to New York for yet another fashion showcase. This time, we will do an installation of 15 looks that represent our interpretation of the 2012 Autumn/Winter season.Glam-Intersections” is where vintage meets current/future trends and bringing back glamour to the streets, office and the Red Carpet. It’s a fusion of the 50′s and 70′s interpreted with today’s trends,” says Tlale.
Tlale’s latest collection will have a strong focus on prĂȘt-a-porter garments, featuring silhouettes that are more chic and defined. Pencil skirts in various lengths, which go from short, to just above-the-knee to floor length take centre stage.  Complementing this base is a glamorous array of blouses with bouquet sleeve detailing, while jackets take a classic and vintage direction. The dresses bringing sexy and elegance back, accessorized with crocodile belts and a new range of DT “Luxury” Bags.
When it comes to selecting colour and fabrics for any of his collections, Tlale employs an admirable eye for detail that will supremely complement his designs. For this particular collection, he has opted for the use of Gold mutating to shades and accents of Sun-rise-Yellow and Natural Browns to tell his story. To depict the moods of the season, he uses Vintage-Mud-Green, Winter Grey, and his signature Black.
“For us, colour and fabric play a very important role in a collection. Either of the two, can make or break a collection, so it is highly crucial that one chooses wisely.With Glam Intersections, we have carefully selected the fabrics that would flatter the woman, as well as accentuate her body. We have used quite a divine selection of fabrics such as Wool, Acetate Textured Wool, Printed Silk Chiffon, Kudu-Hyde, Ox-Leather, Duchess Satin, Acetate-Mesh, Dupion Silk, Brocade and High-count Twisted Wool,” he commented.
Tlale is no stranger to the New York fashion platforms. His first showcase was in September 2009 as part of the African Fashion Collective at New York Fashion Week. Since then, he’s returned to this fashion capital to showcase at different events, including the recent inaugural United Colours of Fashion

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South Africa grapples with toll of heavy drinking

According to health news South Africa grapples with toll of heavy drinking which is a reason why the Cabinet is gonna debate the suspension of Liquor advertising ( like tobacco) which is viewed as promoting drinking in the country. suffer brain damage when their mother drink during pregnancy. The teenagers suffer learning problems as they grow.The desease is called  foetal alcohol syndrome, which compounds South Africa's social ills and has earned some rural regions a sad world record.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Education-Physical Science-Laws of motion

Motion Laws:

V = u + at
V(sq) = U (sq) + 2as
S = Ut + 1/2 a t(sq)

v- final velocity
u- initial velocity
t- time lapsed
s- distance covered

Miss Durban Township Beaty Peageant Competion closec 23 March 2012

Miss Durban Townships Beauty Pageant 2012 is on and the closing date for applications is Friday,23rd March 2012.Late applications will not be accepted.To get application forms and rules sms your email address/fax  to 0836173992 or mailto .This competition is going to start at KwaMashu Township in March then move to other townships around Durban.
   The contestants will first compete in their township and then three winners proceed to the semi finals and then  finals .The forms can also be downloaded from the internet.




Estilite Model Management has finally came with a new concept following the concerns from their new proposed sponsor. This was confirmed by the Agency MD,estil Mpunzana.Following  were the specific words from the MD,
"The logo which we were using was a temporal one and due to the fact that it was not unique to the best the Agency do we came to a decision which was not easy at all to change the logo for new ventures of the Agency.Our old logo is still gonna appear in most documentation and social media until such time that our clients, fans, sponsors and fans get used to the New Face Of The Agency.This of course is gonna take months or even years for our followers to adabt to our new look.We are also open to suggestions and comments regarding our new look so that we can see if we are really hitting the spot. -EME NEWS TEAM

Thursday, 16 February 2012

EME DJs meet Dj Scefe n` Brown in Saturday Sessions @ Y2K Car Wash

EME Disc-Jockeys ,Sabza Jr n` Just Sanza will be doing one-on-one with Dj Scefe & DjBrown at Kwa-Mashu,North Of Durban in thhe Y2K Car Wash.The Djs who will be featured are Dj Trueman,Peroni, Mabauy, Bon-Bony, Peroni, Themzah(female Dj) and many more.There will be also live perfomances of up and coming artists which are produced by DJ Brown.

The gig will kick-off at 12h00 p.m. on  Friday,18th February 2012 to 06h00 a.m. on saturday, 19th February 2012.

The cars will be washed by EMEdotARTIST Events promo-gals in mini skirts and bikinis. Don`t miss out this spectacular ,Fantabulous Event