Saturday, 16 June 2012

How to pull your colleague

How to pull your colleague: What you say does not matter

Sometimes, when you really like someone, one of the hardest things to do is talk to them. The moment you catch sight of your crush, your heart pounds, your mouth goes dry and anything interesting or charming you had to say suddenly goes out of your head. When you begin to feel like this just remember that words actually count for very little. More than 90 per cent of meaning is actually taken from non-verbal clues, such as the way you stand or hold your hands. Only seven per cent of meaning is taken from the words we actually say. So, next time you start to feel that all too familiar clamminess, just breathe deeply and remember that what you say doesn’t really matter. Simply stand tall and don’t cross your arms or your legs.

How to pull your colleague: Stare at them

Eye contact is essential when trying to pull your colleague. Good eye contact tells people that you are honest and sincere; two very important traits to possess when you are trying to lure your colleague into a complex office romance. However, remember that too much eye contact will make you seem aggressive and a little stalker-like, whilst too little will tell your co-worker crush that you aren’t interested in them. To get it right, look away from their eyes every five seconds. When you break eye contact do not look down as this indicates that the conversation is over. Instead, look up or to the side of your colleague because this shows that you are confident and know what you are talking about.
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How to pull your colleague: Impress

It may be the twenty-first century, but research from the University of Haifa has shown that self-promotion works for guys, but only if their boasting appears to be natural. In order to boast, you have to have something to boast about. Outside of work it can be tempting to make things up that make you look good, but in the work place your lies are bound to be found out. Instead, try to find something that makes you seem great and try to bring it up with your girl subtly. For example, get involved in a charity event and ask your crush to sponsor you. For the ladies, you should invest in a new red wardrobe. For men, the colour red signals sex and romance and in five different experiments the girl that wore red was rated more attractive than those women who wore other colours.

How to pull your colleague: Get the timing right

One of the most difficult parts to starting an office romance is timing. You can’t sneak a quick first kiss on the copy machine or confess your undying love by the water cooler. Yet asking a co-worker on a date can be awkward; what if you don’t get on outside of the workplace or what if they say no? To see if the spark still exists outside of your office you need to take action and organise a few social events. You could arrange a picnic or see if anyone wants to grab a few drinks after work. Depending on your work environment you could also ask your boss if you could arrange a team-building day. This way you can spend time with your crush and you get recognition as a team player from your employers.

How to pull your colleague: Seem safe

Although you don’t want to seem boring, you do need to reassure your office crush that you are a safe option. The last thing they want to do is to get involved with someone at work and then go through a messy and awkward breakup after a few short months.  So, make sure they realise how compatible you are. If you know your colleague likes movies, talk about some of your favourites with them. Also, mimic some of their body language. For example, if you are both in a meeting and your co-worker crosses their legs, copy their pose. By mimicking their body posture you signal to your crush that you share a strong connection

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