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Sex A-Z

The alphabet just got sexy

This sex A-Z is a lesson in love that will top up your lover lingo in just 26 words:

A is for abstinence

What is it: voluntarily not engaging in sexual activity
Kicking off a sex A-Z with the least sexy word going may seem dumb, but according to a study 79 per cent of US parents want teens to be taught that they should not engage in sexual activity until they are married or at least in an adult relationship leading to marriage.

B is for booty call

What is it: a summons for casual and typically late-night sex
Although booty calls certainly happened in the past, texting has helped make late-night sex requests more achievable. A study at the University of Iowa also states that 'a significant percentage of current relationships began with nonromantic sex.'

C is for cyber sex

What is it: chatting to someone about sex online
Cyber sex is a fun, non-committed way to get a bit of a thrill without risking too much. You may think that men would be more interested in cyber sex, but according to a study about married and single people it turns out women are more likely to send sexy pics than blokes.

D is for doggy style

What is it: a sex position where the man takes the woman from behind
Doggy style is perhaps the most unromantically named sex position, but it does have its perks. This position is perfect for women who are looking to reach orgasm because it lets men hit women’s three hot spots at the same time.

E is for edible underwear

What is it: underwear that men and women wear that can be eaten
Turning yourself into an edible treat can be a lot of fun for you and your partner and it will also satisfy your sweet tooth. According to sex shop owners the most popular flavoured edible underwear is cherry and the least popular is chocolate.

F is for foreplay

What is it: sexual activity that typically leads to sexual intercourse
Can you have too much foreplay? Although your first reaction may be no, it would seem that for some women too much attention to her “special spot” can cause numbness or discomfort. To avoid this foreplay nightmare don’t just stimulate the clitoris in one way – mix it up.  

G is for G spot

What is it: a small bean-shaped area within the vagina
Named after the gynaecologist who discovered it, Ernst Grafenberg, the G Spot has been a highly controversial and somewhat mysterious bit of biology. Researchers still dispute the G Spots existence and there are even claims that some women have them, whilst others do not.

H is for hiberdating

What is it: when someone ditches their friends when they are dating
We all know a hiberdater; that annoying friend who falls for someone and completely ditches everyone they know.  Don’t worry though everyone, apparently after two years, six months and 25 days the romance officially dies and your friend will probably come crawling back.

I is for it’s complicated

What is it: a status describing a state between friends and a relationship
It’s complicated – the status that is as awkward as a fifteen year old shopping with their mother. Facebook have kindly allowed you to broadcast this most uneasy of relationship statuses with their “It’s Complicated” status, and for that we would like to thank them.

J is for jackhammer

What is it: a sex position
For this sex acrobatic trick the man needs to stand up or kneel and lift the woman’s legs, holding them around her shins so that her feet are behind him. The woman supports herself with her arms and she is titled up towards him. This move makes for some very intense sex.

K is for kinky

What is it: participating in deviant sexual acts
The word kinky covers all manners of sins. To some, the word conjures images of hardcore latex and chains. To others, kinky could just mean wearing a pair of tight, fluffy pink knickers. The word used to describe a non-kinky guy or girl is vanilla.

The alphabet just got sexy

L is for love eggs

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