Friday, 28 December 2012

EMEotARTIST Events,EME Disc-Jockeys in collaboration with ESTILITE MODEL MANAGEMENT (EMM) & TOWNSHIP SPORTING EVENTS(tse) invites all up and coming and established artists ,community radio stations and the community of INK  to attend a Showcasing Event at KwaMashu TV/Fan Park(Behind Sports Centre).
The Event dates are as follows:

31 December 2012 from 10 a.m. till 1st January 2013 at 18h00.

Entrance is free for everyone.

As an entertainment and events company with relevant expertise and 17 years’ experience in entertainment industry and Musical Skills , Emedotartist Events in collaboration with Estil`s Music &  Entertainment cc, Estilite Model Management(EMM),EME Disc-Jockeys feel that they can make a positive contribution to the upliftment and promotion of up and coming artists in around Durban Townships.
Our positive contribution entails hosting a live music event whereby aspiring up and coming music and dance artists will be given a chance to perform live on stage in order to showcase their talent.
Throughout our eventing expertise we have maintained highest performance standards within the diverse range of event management functions, artist management and mentorship, which is illustrated by our past successes in hosting events like Youth Day, June 16.

The event details will be as follows FOR TWO DAYS-31 DECEMBER 2012 TO 1ST JANUARY 2012:
10h00 a.m. to 18h00 – first session live performances of up and coming music and dance artists
18h00 to 12 midnight – second session live performances of invited music and dance artists, New Year’s Eve Celebration
Every two hours –talks by music studio personnel, Radio personalities, and motivational speakers.
Security- SAPS,CITY POLICE  and private security personnel
Sponsors: Estilsmusic, Caban Productions,Estilite Model Management(EMM), EME DJs, TOWNSHIP SPORTING EVENTS(tse),Vibe FM (Isteshi somphakathi)
 Your sincere contribution will be highly appreciated as it will help us uplift the talent among the youth of our townships in order to make them realise that they are not alone and that there is always an alternative to abstain from drugs and alcohol. For future updates together with Township Sporting Events (TSE) we will be hosting a number of sporting events throughout 2013 of which we will again need your assistance in allowing us to use your venue.
For more information contact:
Mandisa-0721455893/0836173992 /

Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Model Teen to be signed at EMM

EMM Agency is about to sign another new model , Nosipho Zulu ,from Durban,Montclair,17.

According to Estil Mpunzana,EMM,MD he said:

EMM,MD,Estil 'Eme' Mpunzana
"In 2012 our agency,EMM, had  targeteted young models, reason being that we want to keep same models for more than twelve months (our minimum contract period).When the agency hire young models the contract can be easily extended  for a particular model without having problems of models aging quickly.If you were to sign a model at the age of 23 years in age ,an agent  knows very well that it is hard to get that model to enter for National or international Beauty pageants due to the fact that these competitions are targetting young models below that age.

In 2012 alone we have signed 8 aspiring models with ages ranging between 15 and 19 and we are still signing more before we get to year,2013.EMM-Model Londeka ,Naledi,Busiswa, to name a few....One of  models to be signed soon  is Nosipho Zulu,17, who is due for an interview late this month or first week January 2013.
One thing I can asure you is that these girls have outstanding beauty."

Emm-Model Londeka Mkhize,17 (2012)
Emm-Model Bell Buthelezi,22,Pinetown,
Durban (2012)




                               Emm-Model Busiswa   Sosibo,19,
                                               Durban (2012)

EMM-Model Ayanda Bhengu,17 (2013)

EMM-Model Laken 'Barbie' Nagel,
EMM-Model Naledi & Londeka

EMM-Model Naledi & Londeka
EMM- Model Ayanda Bhengu,18,
Umlazi,Durban (2012)
  EMM-Model `Chantelle` Ndlovu,17 ,
Jo`burg (2013)


EMM-Model Naledi

EMM-Model Laken Nagel,17 (2013)

EMM-Model 'Nocia' Nosipho,Montclair,durban



EMM-Model Londeka poise
EMM-Model Naledi,Umlazi,Durban
EMM-Model Naledi Kgomo,17 (2012)

EMM-Model Londeka,Umbilo,

EMM-Model Nosipho





Friday, 19 October 2012

EMM Model Londeka Mkhize is predicted The Future EMM Supermodel

EMM Model Londeka Mkhize,17,is predicted as future Miss Universe according to Estil Mpunzana,MD Estilite Model Management.When Estil was interviewed by EME News he proudly confirmed this by telling us that the beauty like this is the face the Pageant Competitions are looking for. 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Durban Townships Beauty Pageants (DTBP) Competition Sponsorship Opportunities

The DTBP provides exceptional sponsorship opportunities.
Why Sponsor?
 As a sponsor of the DTBP competition, you will be part of the very first DTBP Competition, a professionally beautiful, empowering event which promises to be a ground-breaking undertaking for DTBP!

Sponsorship Categories

Financial Sponsorship

We are looking for an exclusive Pageant Competition sponsor to provide R20,000 towards the planning, operations and execution of the Pageant Competition.
*Proceeds of the sponsorship will be allocated to the DTBP Ragional Scholarship Fund

Financial Sponsorship includes:
  • Table at the DTBP Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony (10 seats)
  • Speaking opportunity at the Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony
  • Acknowledgement as a Fashion Show sponsor through the DTBP website ( and in the local newspaper with circulation of up to 3,000 copies
  • Promotion through the DTBP’s media sponsors
  • Company representative interview at the event

Exclusive In-Kind Sponsorship in Each Category:
  • Shoes (Men’s and Women’s - total 20 pairs)
  • Makeup Artists
  • Hair Stylists

Exclusive In-Kind Sponsorship includes:
  • Two DTBP Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony tickets
  • Acknowledgement as a Pageant Competition sponsor through the DTBP website ( and in the local newspaper with circulation of up to 3,000 copies
  • Promotion through the DTBP’s media sponsors
  • Company representative interview at the event

Media In-Kind Sponsorship
  • Pre-event coverage and promotion
  • Model recruitment outreach
  • Interviews at the event
  • Post-event coverage

Contact email: or

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Rules For Entering Miss Durban Township Beauty Pageant 2013

Registration for entering Miss Durban Township Beauty Pageant 2013 is on ..........

Miss Durban Townships Beauty Pageant (MDTBP) Selection Criteria

All Miss MDTBP applicants must:
  • Be at least 18 years of age and not older than 25 years of age on 1 December 2013.
  • Be a South African citizen,stay in one of Durban Townships, in possession of a valid South African ID or passport.
  • Be in possession of a Matric certificate or equivalent qualification.
  • Not be married and never have had a marriage annulled.
  • Not be engaged.
  • Never have given birth and not be pregnant.
  • Not have any visible tattoos.
  • Have no criminal record.

Documentation to Accompany Your Entry

  • A copy of your birth certificate, ID book or passport.
  • 2 Recent A4 colour photographs (1 head and shoulders, 1 full length) dressed appropriately. Please note that these photographs will not be returned.
  • A copy of your Matric certificate.

Some Tips for Preparing Your Entry

To help you with your entry form, we have collated some of the questions most frequently posed by Miss SA entrants. The answers to these questions contain a host of helpful information and tips that will make the process a lot easier. Read them now.

Miss DTBP Rules

  • Rules of the Miss Durban,Miss SA,Miss Universe and Miss World pageants are applicable to all Miss DTBP entrants.
  • The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Non disclosure of any information that is pertinent to entering Miss DTBP will lead to disqualification ie criminal record / dethroning etc.
  • All Miss DTBP finalists will be required to perform a limited number of engagements. She will therefore not be eligible to enter another national competition except with the written permission from the organisers.
  • The new Miss DTBP will remain contracted to being the ambassador for Durban Townships to perform community related projects for 1 year after the completion of her reign, subject to a maximum of 12 days per year.
The criteria set out above are in accordance with Miss Sa and  international pageant requirements.

Preparing Your Miss DTBP Entry

Below you will find answers to questions frequently posed by young women who are interested in becoming the next Miss DTBP. You will read about the roles and responsibilities as well as gain access to a host of helpful tips which will assist you when preparing your entry form.

Enter now!

Enquiries and Questions

All enquiries or pageant/entry related questions must be directed to Ayanda Mnyakeni at

Miss Ethekwini 2012 Finalists

Anele Zitha (1st Princess), Zama Xulu (Miss eThekwini 2012) and Nondumiso Mula (2nd Princess)

Friday, 5 October 2012

An Interview with Thembelihle Ntombela,Durban

The 5th October 2012 at Playhouse Theatre Cafe` has been remarked with the interview of Model Thembelihle Ntombela from Kwa-mashu Township in Durban.According to Estil Mpunzana,MD,EMM,the outcome of the interview was as follows:

This model has an open, socialising,well spoken personality
This model looked younger than her age and we had to confirm with the identity document.
This model has got it all but  lacking confidence in herself of which it is something she has to work on.

In conclusion the interview went well except for those few things mentioned above.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

EMM-Mbali Bell Buthelezi-One Reserved Chan=racter Model

                                     EMM-Model Mbali Buthelezi
Mbali Buthelezi is a young model from Vreyheid who seems to be very reseved but has it all for the Pageant work.Even during her interview she was one of the few models who was not open about anything she was asked about.Estil Mpunzana,MD of EMM had something in mind about this girl which is why she was signed.


EMM-Model "Chantelle" Ndlovu

This is one of Estilite Model Management Beautiful models Agrinette `Chantelle` Ndlovu who will be seen in the near future on EMM fashion and Beauty pageant ramps.
Chantel has been nominated on The look Of the day for the 4th October 2012

Saturday, 22 September 2012


At EMEdotARTIST EVENTS (Licensee, Estil`s Music & Entertainment cc), promoting responsible drinking is one of the group’s top sustainable development priorities. The company cares about educating people about responsible alcohol consumption, engages stakeholders and works collectively with them to address irresponsible alcohol consumption.
The highlight of the drive is a mobile Canter that would move to high visibility locations within the city and EME-Beer-wise & Mandisa Njokweni of the Responsible Drinking Campaign would engage the public to gauge and enhance their awareness about alcohol abuse. Our intentions is that the participants be given caps/ T-shirts with ‘EME-Beer-wise’ messages printed on them like ‘know your limits’, ‘don’t drink and drive’. Hoarding with the Beer-Wise message will be placed in the heart of the township and our intention is to have Street plays which would take place every weekend for the general public, conveying Responsible drinking message in an interesting and effective manner.
According to MD,Estil Mpunzana  of Estil`s Music & Entertainment(EME) this is what he had to say:
"In KZN Province, the company has planned to roll out awareness drives and this Responsible drinking campaign which has already started in Durban Townships, viz., Kwa-Mashu Township and its surrounding areas .This is one such initiative for reaching out to the general audiences. We also plan to launch more such campaigns in other provinces or parts of the country. The company promotes responsible consumption through awareness programs, partnerships with community stakeholders, and governments to reinforce purchase and drinking age limits. Additionally, the company has proposed launching the which is a comprehensive guide to alcohol – from beer usage to alcohol’s impact on the body. EME intervention programmes encourage people not to drive under the influence of alcohol.”
Mandisa Njokweni also commented about this initiative:
“It is heartening to see an Entertainment Company like EMEdotARTIST EVENTS willing to partner with the government, and share responsibility towards making the citizens aware about responsible consumption of alcohol. I wish EME-Beer-wise campaign success in Durban City and in all other areas”. 

We've made discouraging irresponsible drinking one of our top sustainable development priorities. The reason is simple. When people drink too much, they can hurt themselves, other people, and the communities that help give us our livelihood. No one benefits, not even us.
There is no simple solution. We believe, however, there are things that make a difference. Things like making sure information about alcohol are accurate and balanced. Enforcing laws against drinking and driving, underage drinking, and disorderly conduct. And, reaching out to people who are most at risk to help them.
Different things work in different markets. So, our efforts are locally designed and run, with help from local partners. Although our campaigns may look a little different, they are all built on our six core principles on alcohol.
EME Supporting Six SAB principles on alcohol
Our six principles on alcohol help guide the decisions we make every day. They are:
1.Our beer adds to the enjoyment of life for the overwhelming majority of our consumers
2.We care about the harmful effects of irresponsible alcohol consumption
3.We engage stakeholders and work collectively with them to address irresponsible consumption
4.Alcohol consumption is for adults and is a matter of individual judgement and accountability
5.Information provided to consumers about alcohol consumption should be accurate and balanced
6.We expect our employees to aspire to high levels of conduct in relation to alcohol consumption

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

Tifanny Amber,Tsemaye Binitie,Maki Oh,Gavin Rajah,& Ozwald Boateng

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Having had 77 designers, who participated earlier this year  at the Annual Arise Magazine Fashion Week in Lagos, FIVE African designers won the coveted prize to represent the ARISE Magazine (In partnership with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week) as part of its self-styled fashion expose themed: “African Icons” extravaganza, which was held at today at the Lincoln centre.
Tiffany Amber:
I like to think of Tiffany Amber as the princess of prints and all things billowy. With carefully self-crafted prints and an impeccable fabric selection, you can always count on this designer to deliver a collection that exceeds expectation and emulates its international standard. It is also exciting to see that the label stepped out of its comfort zone of fluidity and svelte silhouettes and toyed with more ‘tangible’ textures. This well orchestrated collection features long maxi dress, a three piece print suit and wide leg jumpsuits in whimsical soft prints and a warm colour palette of yellow and earth tones and powder blue. One other striking feature was the boat necklines on most pieces, thigh high slits, plunging backs and the surreptitiously cut out waist. All in all, Tiffany Amber’s loyal followership will be pleased by this collection and other converted by the ditsy prints and feathery frocks.

Tsemaye Binitie:
Modern minimalist meet cool sports luxe with just the right amount of injected femininity; opening the catwalk bang on trend with a peplum, neutral-silhouetted number, a parka worn over metallic sportswear, collared and panelled down the  front with alternate fabric. More sportswear inspired jackets teamed with printed trousers, more peplum pieces – this time with muted colour-blocking silhouettes, tailored sweats and a leather pair of trousers.
Closing off, the designer injected a tangerine floor length stunning; yet simple, a fantastic addition to the assemblage.

Maki Oh:
Owing to the designer’s passion for craftsmanship, Maki Oh delivered a stunning S/S 2013 collection that focused on customised printing, tassels and delicate pieces. Getting off on a neutral palette start, we were introduced to a dusty pink fluid-y number, a fringed 20s inspired number, ivory blouse and skirt separate infused with printed eye on the backdrop of the fabric. Further fringing on more pieces but rather than as a fully fledged number; it was either attached tassels, tiered fringing or panelled fringing.
When it wasn’t relaxed tailoring, it was an appraisal of the female form – punches of peach, berry and navy made up the most bit of the collection. There was a quieter story with Sheer and Sequins but the assemblage was more headlined with Movement and utter creativity.

Gavin Rajah:
Gavin Rajah has become synonymous with impeccable, be-jeweled, shimmery, sequined, delicate, haute couture designs and his S/S 2013 collection was no exception. The runway was glowing {literally} with flowing, lose designs embellished with shiny ornaments or embroidered with floral petals and beads as we saw in some of the looks. The collection represented a mature, graceful woman who doesn’t mind a bit of  ”bling” in her wardrobe. Though some pieces where over the top there were a few simple looks for the woman who likes to look good without grabbing too much attention. Hardware visors/crown-like caps made in multiple designs finished off some of the looks. The collection was not as haute couture as his previous ones.
In between the dramatic pieces was a number of wearable toned down looks.

Ozwald Boateng:
Living up to his mesmerising capacity, Mr Boateng put up quite a show last night as he surprised the entire audience with his wax print tailored blazers on the runway. As per usual, the designer delivered sharp tailored suits; some bright coloured, others subtle, more work-wear worthy [Suppose it depends on your job description]. Very reminiscent of the Sapeurs of Congo who are frankly particular about their shoes like the Italians and their male-elegance like the French – rather than straying far from his roots, the designer incorporated indigenity, introducing us to tribal-printed hemmed pockets as well as sharply tailored wax print blazers underlain with collarless satin dress shirts [colour-blocked].
The other half of the collection focused more on casuals; white short-sleeved shirts with wax print panelling, bibs and collars, there were also a number of shorts in sight both print and not. In true Ozwald Boateng fashion, the designer closed the show off with absolute charm and vivacity.