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Winter Season Looks!

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Hey guys, with the Winter fast approaching, thought I would take this chance to write a lil’ piece of the latest trends to hit the Winter season..
Hope you have fun with it..

Grey can be lively and interesting when its a speckled tweed fabric as well as cool and expensively severe in dove silver grey to deepest charcoal. Belted grey coats like these below are a mainstay of every retailers collection for Winter. So forget what you’ve heard about the colour grey being boring, this is how to bring it to life..


This is so comfy, you won’t need a man when you have this for those winter nights, so for all the single ladies, go get some..

Cream coats are classy and look expensive because they need to be pristine for best effect. The quality of the material is important.

These neutral base colours in varying camel, biscuit tan, cappuccino and grey shades are touted as the understated investment colours of the winter season.

Blanket coats offer a less structured and easy-to-wear look. Feel so comfy, it’s as if you’ve taken your blanket with.
Bright colours
These three ladies coats show how much variety is in store for you
…. and how you can work all colours

and that you don’t have to be limited to dark colours.

The shift dress is a must have this season.

Will take you from 9-5 to drinks with the girls, just choose your accessories carefully.
Knitwear was huge n the runway, D&G did a collection and was just amazing.

Think Eskimo, festive kinda patterns. It’s all about bringing the outdoors to indoors.

This trend works on any age, body shape and any lifestyle. Layering is also key with this trend.

Knee high boots are a life saver for the Winter season .Look out for boots with lavishly trimmed with bows, buckles, raching, beading, chain ribbon straps, eyelets and zips.
These will last you for years to come. Great investment, especially pure leather.

This way you have the best of the Boot and Shoes at the same fun.

Can be worn with everything, team them up with a dress and tights for a night out, wear with some jeans for a simple but yet fashionable look. They are a MUST have…

The were a hit on the runway, Chanel did a collection, well here a more affordable look for less.

Look for ones that have fur on the inside to keep you warm for Winter.

Hope there is something for each and every one of you.

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Guest Post By Beverley Mabula ©

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