Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Stoned Cherrie South Africa


Stoned Cherrie, established in 2000, is an afro-urban lifestyle brand that is expressive of African urban culture in South Africa.


Cherrie, South Africa

Smooth, Sexy, Street-Wise Label

Our vision is to become a global African lifestyle brand pioneering a Cultural Revolution in Africa.

In essence, Stoned Cherrie is a product of a repressed history and the freedom we enjoy today - a conflation of past and present. Our aesthetic oscillates between our cultural heritage and how contemporary Africa has evolved over time. Our design signature is reminiscent of past eras: the fiery Shebeen Queens, the bold intellectuals, the sparkly cover girls of the 50’s and the urban energy that swept over the ghetto’s of South Africa in difficult times.

We believe in an abundant universe and it is this belief that has kept us constantly inspired to innovate rather than follow. This has also seen Stoned Cherrie being birthed as a smooth sexy street-wise label that has artfully swerved fashion stereotypes by being old, new and futuristic at the same time. We are passionate about social development and believe that as Stoned Cherrie grows as a brand, so too should the communities that have contributed to its identity. We therefore take pride in having contributed to the restoration of dignity to the lives of women from the African Feeding Scheme by employing them as beaders and seamstresses.

By upping the humble crochet, ‘funkifying’ Seshweshwe and resurrecting all our heroes, sung and unsung, Stoned Cherrie has been instrumental in transforming the way that South Africans feel about themselves.

We have also partnered with various other creatives from graphic designers, beaders and textile manufacturers to celebrate a thriving and dynamic creative industry. We believe that collaboration is our new currency and that South Africa’s creative spirit has the potential to yield great ideas

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