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Matis - Professional Skin Care, South Africa


Professional Skincare

The Matis products, protocols, methods and techniques of our unique treatments have made it a trendsetter in the spa and salon arena. Matis professional beauty treatments find their values through continous dialogue with men and women, in our quest to meet their expectations for advice, performance and pleasure. Because each person is unique, Matis provides a made-to-measure solution, that begins in the salon with the skincare therapist and extends with retail product usage at home.

The Matis Philosophy: a treatment solution for 100% of clients, 100% of the time
Matis has its own laboratory and cultivates award winning formulae through constant research and innovation of new active ingredients. To guarantee the efficiency as well as the pleasure of our products they have between 200 – 300 tests conducted on them by independent testing agencies to ensure client satisfaction. Retail Product Lines are based on 11 skincare solutions to specific concerns of the skin namely: Preventative Anti-Ageing, Correction of Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Specialized Anti-Ageing for Mature Skin, Sensitive Skin, Oily Skin, Dull and Sallow skins, Body Care, Men’s Range, Treatment Foundations, Suncare and specific and targeted eyecare applications.

Treatment Protocols are customized according to budget, time constraints, and treatment expectation that makes it one of the most preferred professional skincare ranges demanded by spa and salon consumers.

Skincare Treatments are divided into 4 tiers of treatment:
• Cleansing Treatments are 45 min entry level facial applications to introduce clients to the brand, to offer an express facial
  experience or to fit into a limited budget range. The skin is left feeling deeply cleansed and purifed.
• Enhancer Facial Treatments are 1 hour signature Matis Print Mask applications that boost the radiance and complexion of
  the skin.
• Response Treatments are complete, targeted treatments that precisely respond to a clients specific needs. Treatment
  durations are 1 hour 15 minutes and a possibility of 11 treatments are available in this category
• Hydreclat Treatments is a beauty treatment that meets the growing demand on the part of technology enthusiasts thanks to
  the combination of two technologies: iontophoresis and ultrasound. This can be used as an alternate to manual beauty


Matispa: The Sensorial Treatment Journey Matispa is a specifically designed Spa Body Range that offers 4 treatment “themes” based on Remineralization-Draining-Slimming and Relaxation.

Each treatment starts with a customized body exfoliation that primes the skin for optimized penetration of the body mask applications. Products come in a range of textures to allow for efficient, tailored exfoliation in response to women’s needs and expectations.

Body Wraps are chosen by your therapist depending on the theme and expectation from your spa experience. Matispa offers maximum variety, offering a range of exclusive wraps composed of high performance ingredients and sensorial textures.
For the purpose of massage, Matis uses plant based oils that are personalized with a fragrance to give you an olfactory pleasure combined with deep relaxation through the massage technique applied through your body therapist.

Matis Institutes: The ultimate in professional treatment execution
Matis Institutes are synonymous with the highest international education standards to ensure that skincare professionals performing your treatments will offer you the very best in treatment execution and product prescription. We believe the integration of correct consultation and product prescription delivers ongoing client satisfaction, that will change your periodic visits to the salon to a necessity you can not do without

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