Wednesday, 4 April 2012

312 Couture, South Africa

Moloko Investments


In Pursuit of Your Own Identity

These are questions which are easily answered at 312 Couture, which is turning heads in all the right circles and helping to establish South African men and women as among the world’s most well-dressed.

Giving fashion an identity is what sets 312 Couture apart. “In pursuit of your own identity” is its driving principle, and giving fashion a street address, and street credibility, is its mission.

Based, appropriately, at Shop 312 Legacy Corner in Johannesburg’s upmarket and trendsetting suburb of Sandton, the shop is the brainchild of fashionistas Joachim Nzuzi and Mike llunga, together with businessman and entrepreneur Richard Moloko of the Moloko Investment Group.

More than a mere boutique, 312 Couture is a symbol of elegance and excellence, and from the moment you set foot over its threshhold royal treatment is guaranteed. This is Saville Row in the Rainbow Nation - Via Manzoni with a touch of Mandela magic! Yes, the world-famous streets of London and Milan have been given an African makeover at 312 Couture, offering discerning consumers the chance to experience a unique

Joachim Nzuzi (Left) & Michael Ilunga (Right)

collection of off-the-peg casual and day-wear as well as high-end designer names in one of the most beautifully decorated stores in Sandton’s CBD.

Elegance and excellence

Fashion is about confidence in who you are, it’s about the person you want to be seen as, and it’s uniquely personal to the individual. Your clothes reflect your personality, and indeed can transform you from a shy, retiring wallflower to an exuberant extrovert. Looking good and feeling good are what it’s all about, and 312 Couture recognises this. That’s why the decor of the boutique is designed to envelope and comfort, and boost the ego. Shopping at 312 Couture is an event in itself, it defines the person you want to be and complements your fashion experience.

And if you are completely clueless, or a lost fashion soul, then Joachim and Mike are on hand to help. Image consultancy is just another part of the service offered at 312 Couture which is as much about lifestyle as it is about clothing.

And when it comes to clothing, there’s little to disappoint. If it’s seen in Paris and New York, then it’s at 312 Couture. Sand, Seventy, FP jeans for men and women and handmade Gaziano & Girling

shoes are among the names in lights at the boutique, and as of next year, 312 Couture will also be stocking Church’s shoes from the Prada group!

Well-tailored garments are key to haute couture, as are handmade shoes. And whether you are a young gun on the prowl for the latest trends or a savvy, streetwise older man in need of a fresh new look then 312 Couture can help you become all you want to be.

Although predominantly for aspiring and self-sufficient gentlemen, metrosexual men and alpha males, ladies are more than welcome at the boutique, which stocks a small range of limited, exclusive pieces which are guaranteed unique on the continent of Africa. If you wear it, you’ll know for certain that no-one else in town will wear it too! 

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