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Forever New moves into new space in Sandton.
Forever New, Australia’s biggest success story, is proud to announce its collaboration with a local retail powerhouse, launching the brand’s first concession store in Edgars, Sandton City in March 2012. Forever New was launched in South Africa in November 2009 and today is one of the fastest growing international fashion retailers. Spearheaded by former South African fashion buyer, Amanda Goenka and her husband, the first store opened in Melbourne, Australia in 2006 and has since seen large-scale global expansion across Australia, New Zealand, China, Turkey, India, Singapore and South Africa.

The extension of Forever New into Edgars sees the brand positioning itself as more accessible and appealing to a wider target audience. Each store-within-store area will replicate the unique Forever New store design, creating a powerful environment which captures the essence of the brand and its distinct ambience of contemporary luxe. Forever New will also be responsible for staffing its area in each Edgars store, ensuring highly trained assistants will be available to offer expert guidance to all customers.

Launching with its latest story, Northern Lights, Forever New in Edgars will stock the more formal pieces per collection as offered in all Forever New stores. Moonlight on snow-capped mountains is the particular backdrop for the romantic Northern Lights winter wonderland collection, promising cosy, yet glamorous, faux fur coats and a palette of soft, icy pastels across the range.

Synonymous with the latest trends at affordable prices, Forever New will introduce a new campaign and collection into Edgars every four weeks, as is the case with the brand’s stand-alone stores.  New pieces will also be introduced every week, ensuring that the brand retains its reputation for a first to market, on-trend product offering. Distinctively feminine, the brand continues to be celebrated for high-fashion apparel featuring a signature, feminine look.

Forever New will be available in Edgars, Sandton City as of Thursday 29 March 2012, with a roll-out plan to other key Edgars stores throughout the year

Boycott David West is a line of unisex one-off T-shirts made from sliced up Hip Hop, Heavy Metal and other promo T shirts bought from the Golden Acre in Cape Town.

The T-shirts were photographed, the pictures were collaged and handed to a cutter and seamstress who cut up and re-assembled them accordingly.

The print ad and video where created by Ben Johnson using a similar process-other designers' ad campaigns were cut up, stretched, collaged and re-photographed as the end product.

In other news the shop West shares with Dokter and Misses on Cape Town’s Long Street will be closing at the end of the month.

“I need a break and retail is relentless,” says the designer with a day-job at Woolworths.

“I'm tired of having to sell my things within a 6 month time frame and have decided to work outside of this…I will deliver capsules of work based on what "I feel like" doing when/how I feel like doing it and a shop can't survive like that.

It’s about going back to the creative roots of my label and stripping away the elements that don't work for me.

That’s what Boycott is all about. Stepping outside of the system, looking back to the streets and the underground for energy- its where I started as a designer who made one off jeans…"

The 46664 apparel line celebrates year one with a new campaign, international expansion through three licensing agreements, and tangible “give back” initiatives.

Speaking at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory in Johannesburg, Wayne Bebb, CEO of Brand ID, said it was important to make sure the monies generated from the 46664 apparel line went back into the community.

He announced a portion of first year profits was going back into the Mandela Day Library Project with the sponsorship of Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape as a way of promoting literacy and encouraging reading in disadvantaged schools in South Africa.

The major announcement of the day came when Bebb revealed that 46664 Fashion was in the final stages of three international licensing agreements, due to be signed shortly.

These are with brand partners in the USA and Canada, North Western Europe (covering the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and others) and Portugal, South America, Angola and Mozambique. Discussions are currently underway for a rollout into other countries on the African Continent and Brand ID is also currently in discussions with UK and French partners.

“We are very excited about the partnerships that we have in place with companies that are as committed to the brand development of 46664 Fashion as we are” stated Bebb, adding that due diligence had been conducted on each of the brand partners and presented to 46664.

“When we started 46664 Fashion we always set out to create a global brand – a brand that originates in South Africa but that is globally successful,” said Bebb. “Our international deals are testament to the fact that we have done just that. We always believed we had a great brand concept and an amazing product offering. That is now no longer just a dream but soon to be a reality.”
The international agreements will run alongside an already strong online presence: opened for trading November 2011 throughout South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and several other territories.
Keeping up Appearances

The AW campaign was produced and conceived by Cape Town’s Graphic Ballroom and centred on the Boxing Ring, paying homage – as in the inaugural campaign – to elements of Nelson Mandela’s life. Award winning photographer, Antonia Steyn, shot the campaign.

The range, a grown up version of Spring/Summer – colour clashing stripes for the boys, bright blazers with shwe shwe imprints and stylised chinos and jeans.
“I always have a problem with Africanism,” says Chris Vogelpoel , menswear designer. “I think it’s important to embrace colour. When asked I always say, “There are no rules””.”

The womenwear, designed by Barbara Tosalli is more staid – with fawn wool coats and printed maxis.

Craig Native had unprecedented acces to Madiba's personal archive and has developed a complementary t-shirt range with snazzy prints and snappy slogans.

Speaking at the event, Bebb said: “ We wanted someone walking around, wearing 46664, to look fit and fabulous, but to also know they will be giving back to the community.” Soon possible on a global scale

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