Friday, 30 March 2012


We`re having lots of fun this season at Bensimon! We are so excited with the great reaction to our first African flagship in Cape Town. We`ve seen many a pair of our iconic Bensimon takkies running around town.

The iconic brand, which is synonymous with a state of mind, none illustrated better than by the range of these tennis shoes, now more than twenty five years old but still timeless, define a classic simplicity which supersedes fashion.

This season is inspired by the classic French screen sirens of yesteryear. It combing rich seasonal colours like maroons, olives and purples in printed silks that can be layered with the surplus inspired heavy trenches and overcoats that the brand is known for. Short bomber jackets highlight the trend for the youthful fifty’s varsity style took the international Winter trends by storm. Checked shirts in rustic colours finish off this look, giving it the feel of the French countryside during Autumn.

The takkies will be available in fabrications including suede and camo, also reminiscent of the French outdoors in the winter, but always adding a fun, modern twist to the trusted iconic style.

Another fun addition to the Bensimon range this season are the two-tone wellington boots. They carry the colours of the range in a fun way, that’s to accessorize your look for some fun times outdoors this winter.

One of the key aspects of Bensimon is the “l’art de juxtaposer” which is the ability to combine many stylish aspects in a definitive but subtle fashion statement.
This journey has been one of inexhaustible inspiration for Serge Bensimon, the brand’s co-founder, with his insistence on quality materials, an acute attention to detail and a practical application for all elements of the brand, be it the ready to wear collection or the wide range of bags, luggage and accessories

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