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This season, ELLE’s fashion editor Asanda Sizani is obsessed with everything that wraps around: from bracelets and cuffs that coil around your wrist, to chokers and belts that wrap around multiple times, and even in hairdos. Last week we saw her love of the plait kick into full swing when she decided to try and test the look for herself. She says:
I was inspired to try a simple loose braid to give my hair a break, and just for something different. I looked up some images online and fell in love with the hair from Oscar de La Renta’s S/S 2010 show.
Asanda Sizani
Asanda puts her individual stamp on the wrap-around plait.
It was this image of an almost helmet-like plait that I decided to emulate.
Beauty How To
Not restricted to only easy summer daywear, celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith and Zoe Saldanna have shown that you can wear plaits for glamorous occassions too.
De La RentaFetherson
With hair extensions or pieces, I’d imagine it’s easier to get a perfect wraparound braid. But plaiting your natural hair, especially if you have shorter hair at the front like me (I have a fringe), the plait is bound to be uneven. But I decided to plait away anyway. It was so easy and took just a few minutes to do. No wonder there have been so many on the runway.
Not restricted to only easy summer daywear, celebrities like Jada Pinkett-Smith and Zoe Saldana have shown that you can wear plaits for glamorous occasions too.
Like what you see? Here’s how I got the look!
Brush your hair and section a T path in the centre of your head
Start a French braid from the top of your ear and work your way around to the front. I am right handed so I plaited from left to right.
Make sure you grip all of your hair and continue to make a braid, as tightly as you can all the way around. I have a fringe, so because my hair is shorter at the front, it meant I had fewer long strands to plait into each other. A tight grip helped.
When you get to the nape of your neck, braid the remaining strands down into a single plait.
Tuck the loose single braid underneath your hair, or secure with a hairpin if your hair unravels easily.
I’ve worn the hair with both a Paul & Joe-inspired printed maxi skirt and basic tee look, and a Lauren Hutton-inspired smart blazer and denim look. With the right make-up, I know I can make this casual updo glamorous for the evening too. The style reminds me of my mom’s simple plaits that she used to do in the ’80s – but with a modern twist. My first attempt wasn’t perfect, but there’s lots of pleasure in doing something yourself.

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