Saturday, 22 September 2012


At EMEdotARTIST EVENTS (Licensee, Estil`s Music & Entertainment cc), promoting responsible drinking is one of the group’s top sustainable development priorities. The company cares about educating people about responsible alcohol consumption, engages stakeholders and works collectively with them to address irresponsible alcohol consumption.
The highlight of the drive is a mobile Canter that would move to high visibility locations within the city and EME-Beer-wise & Mandisa Njokweni of the Responsible Drinking Campaign would engage the public to gauge and enhance their awareness about alcohol abuse. Our intentions is that the participants be given caps/ T-shirts with ‘EME-Beer-wise’ messages printed on them like ‘know your limits’, ‘don’t drink and drive’. Hoarding with the Beer-Wise message will be placed in the heart of the township and our intention is to have Street plays which would take place every weekend for the general public, conveying Responsible drinking message in an interesting and effective manner.
According to MD,Estil Mpunzana  of Estil`s Music & Entertainment(EME) this is what he had to say:
"In KZN Province, the company has planned to roll out awareness drives and this Responsible drinking campaign which has already started in Durban Townships, viz., Kwa-Mashu Township and its surrounding areas .This is one such initiative for reaching out to the general audiences. We also plan to launch more such campaigns in other provinces or parts of the country. The company promotes responsible consumption through awareness programs, partnerships with community stakeholders, and governments to reinforce purchase and drinking age limits. Additionally, the company has proposed launching the which is a comprehensive guide to alcohol – from beer usage to alcohol’s impact on the body. EME intervention programmes encourage people not to drive under the influence of alcohol.”
Mandisa Njokweni also commented about this initiative:
“It is heartening to see an Entertainment Company like EMEdotARTIST EVENTS willing to partner with the government, and share responsibility towards making the citizens aware about responsible consumption of alcohol. I wish EME-Beer-wise campaign success in Durban City and in all other areas”. 

We've made discouraging irresponsible drinking one of our top sustainable development priorities. The reason is simple. When people drink too much, they can hurt themselves, other people, and the communities that help give us our livelihood. No one benefits, not even us.
There is no simple solution. We believe, however, there are things that make a difference. Things like making sure information about alcohol are accurate and balanced. Enforcing laws against drinking and driving, underage drinking, and disorderly conduct. And, reaching out to people who are most at risk to help them.
Different things work in different markets. So, our efforts are locally designed and run, with help from local partners. Although our campaigns may look a little different, they are all built on our six core principles on alcohol.
EME Supporting Six SAB principles on alcohol
Our six principles on alcohol help guide the decisions we make every day. They are:
1.Our beer adds to the enjoyment of life for the overwhelming majority of our consumers
2.We care about the harmful effects of irresponsible alcohol consumption
3.We engage stakeholders and work collectively with them to address irresponsible consumption
4.Alcohol consumption is for adults and is a matter of individual judgement and accountability
5.Information provided to consumers about alcohol consumption should be accurate and balanced
6.We expect our employees to aspire to high levels of conduct in relation to alcohol consumption

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