Monday, 17 September 2012

An Interview with Pending EMM-Model Ayanda Bhengu from Durban

This past Sunday has been an interesting one for Estilite Model Management MD,Estil Mpunzana who has for the first time met young Model Ayanda Bhengu from Mlazi Township,Durban.

According to Estil he said his eyes always lands on real beauties whom he describes as future Miss SA Pageants.This is what Estil had to say:
"In the 12 years of existance of our Agency we always strived to get the cream of the crop which we groom to being Supermodels of tomorrow.I always advise my models to aim high just like me so that when they happen to fall they fall onto the next level not all the way down.Why I say this is because the competition in modeling industry is tough.
In my interview with Ayanda Bhengu I made sure that I get all what I wanted to get out of this young model`s mind .My initial interview is always very tricky because I know what I wanna see from a model without compromising EMM brand. This model has shown me confidence and vigour of being a model and I loved seeing this.For sure in the second round of the interview she will show us all what she is capable of as a young aspiring model.Surprisingly she is only 17 but very wise and open."

-EMM news

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