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Africa Fashion Week Kicks Off!

July 2, 2010 by  
Hastings Moeng attended the opening shows and here is his take on AFI!
As announced, the African Fashion Week kicked- off on 30th June and droves of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fashionistaz turned up.
On arrival I was greeted by the sight and scent of affluence, anticipation and splendour. Shared a lift with Dr Precious Motsepe who was on her BB from entering the lift to arriving at the 5th floor …perhaps tweeting?? And before I knew it the current Miss World 2nd princess and Former Miss SA , Tatum Keshwar,  mushroomed from nowhere and suddenly the Sandton Convention Centre just got better.
You have to love us Africans though. With the event being the African Fashion Week held on African soil, the show had to embody truly African spirit and employ AFRICAN TIME.
While we waited  in the VIP area for the showcase to commence, there was an open bar and free whateversz doing the rounds. As you can expect, the Free BAR received massive attention and attendance. But subsided eventually.  That’s when I psyched my lone-some self to go get myself a drink and TJO the bartenders shamelessly ignored me. It got me thinking, “Who must I sleep with around here for some service?”, but kept my cool nonetheless. It’s called social etiquette.
Still on the VIP section. There was a VVIP within the VIP area. Heheheh… guess they are catching on to the reality that anyone and everyone can access VIP. Hope a certain former LIVE presenter is reading this. Kiki knows him. Tip* He loves telling journos that he is going to the Back to the VVIP.  It’s basically what VIP used to be when celebrities were still celebrities and not using public transport, E.X.C.L.U.S.I.V.E. spotted in there were the likes of Motsepe, the Booths.
Anyways back to the Fashion XULU BET was given the platform to officially open the show. Ok, first things first, I am not a designer thus am not in a position to use their jargon.  The collection was black but striking with material that appeared hard to work with. I am talking something that looked like leather and ama-shineshine (Dont ask me what this is). But the fact that it looked that great on the ramp shows that XULU BET can hold it down.
Fast-forward to the next shows.  SAKINA MSA….wow!  A beautiful collection boasting encouraged creativity and attesting that simplicity and sophistication can indeed bear a harmonious co-existence. In the same breath, ITUEN BASI didn’t disappoint at all. The collection had everyone in awe. The use of colour, cuts and design was a killer. One word to best describe it would have to be MAGIC.
The models killed the ramp for me. Avumile Qonqo and Nancy where among did a steller Job walking the walk. Mara ok…the award for RAMPTUDE (the right attitude on the ramp that’s sure to make one noticeable) goes to Tatum Keshwar.
Sinazo Pelisa Yolwa, of the A-List was also there is high spirits. Although this is her first break. you can easily dispute newbie-ness as there is nothing infant about her.
Sinazo Pelisa Yolwa
Another hot catch to lookout for is Miss Earth 2010 finalist, Nondy Dzingwa. A very promising young lady with incredible looks and substance to back it up. If she is anything to go by, I say Miss SA organisers better start scouting wherever Miss Earth is.
Nondy Dzingwa
Also caught up with TV Presenter/YFM Co-host Precious Kofi
Being a Johnny Walker, one could only stay for few shows. Imagine having to use Noord Taxi Rank in  a skinny Jean at night (Nogal!). Considering their history with miniskirts, I couldn’t take the risk. Phela I am told skinny jeans on guys is the equivalent of miniskirts on chix.
Keep it up AFI. Note to the designers showcasing later, the stakes are high and we simply refuse anything less.
By Hastings Moeng ©

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