Thursday, 17 May 2012

5 innocent items that will spice up your sex life

A tent will improve your sex life

We all know that vacation sex is incredible, but sadly not all of us can afford to jet across to our favourite destination every weekend just so we can enjoy some under the sheets fun. However, most of us can afford a tent. Although a tent doesn’t sound like the most romantic place to get it on, once inside you’re in a totally new environment. This should kick you and your partner out of any love rut that you’ve stumbled into. Plus, once you start getting intimate with one another you’ll be amazed how steamy it becomes inside. As the tent heats up you and your partner will become slick and slippery, which is perfect for a hot, fiery sex session.  And if you’re not a camping kind of person, why not just stick up the tent in your living room?  

A camera will improve your sex life

Although you may never openly admit it in polite company, everyone likes to send the odd naughty picture. However, most of us tend to use our phones to send them. To put some of the romance and surprise back into kinky snaps, buy a camera. When you use a camera there’s more chance that you’ll actually print off the pictures. Then once you’ve got your picture you can surprise your partner by popping it in an unexpected spot, like the person’s purse or on their mirror. The element of surprise will catch your guy or girl off guard and will turn them on so much more. When they next see you they’ll be desperate to get your clothes off. A camera is also good because they have lots of settings that will help you take a flattering shot.
Sexy long legs high heelsSexy long legs high heels

A motorbike will improve your sex life

Obviously, you’ll need to have the appropriate license before you jump onto a Harley, but a motorbike is a great item to consider if you want to really shake up your love life. Every man who rides a motorbike gets that macho, John Wayne feeling; whilst every woman loves the thrills and vibrations she receives from the bike. A motorbike will also give you both an incredible adrenaline rush. When your adrenaline levels rise your body becomes super sensitive and increases your ability to be aroused. This means that you’ll be more likely to have sex and when you do get it on your body will be much more responsive. If a motorbike isn’t for you, you can raise your adrenaline levels by riding a rollercoaster or exercising.    

Some salmon and dark chocolate will improve your sex life

Next time you’re shopping for food make sure you stack up on salmon and dark chocolate. In the world of food salmon is a sexual powerhouse and can do wonders for your sex drive. Not only is this tasty fish full of mood boosting Omega 3 oils, but the vitamins in salmon boost your libido. As well as bulking up your sex drive salmon can also increase the blood flow to your genitals, which makes them more sensitive. The next item that should go into your shopping bag is dark chocolate. This tasty treat contains the stimulant phenylethylamine – the love drug. Phenylethylamine quickens your heart and fools you into thinking you’re falling in love. Like salmon it also makes you more sensitive.

Heels will improve your sex life

If buying a lacy corset and a push-up bra is not your thing, but you still want to dress up a little to spice up your sex life, buy a pair of high heels. Wearing heels makes you feel more confident and this boost will make you feel more open in bed. You may even want to try some new positions. Not only do heels make you feel sexier, they make you look sexier too. High heeled shoes make your legs instantly look long and slender. To make the most of your new found legs, make sure you moisturize beforehand. You could even add some shimmer dust to give them an attractive sheen. Also buy a pair that flatters your skin tone. Read more on
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