Monday, 24 November 2014



Last week on the November 21st,2014 at 16:30 ,Estilite Model Management`s MD,Estil Mpunzana was having a secrete impromptu meeting with JEVANI NAIDOO, the MAKE UP ARTIST ( Mhlanga Rocks) and CHARITY HLABE,a Promotions Model . According to Estil this was more like a socializing gathering than being a formal business meeting prior to the Moses Mabhida`s music show of John Legend. He continued by saying that he met two very inspiring woman,Jevani Naidoo & Charity Hlabe both who are full of fun,business minded and down to earth. 

This is what Estil had to say:
 "First, I have to admit that I was caught unprepared for any formal business meeting , I told myself that I have to use my experience in quickly putting together a short list of thing I was going to talk about when I meet the girls and when I got to the meeting place I had all recorded in my mind and ready for action and trust me I did do what I`m good at." (laughing).

According to Estil,he said he has been caught off guard in several occasions from Radio interviews to presentations and he said these have taught him to be always ready for situations like this.He said their meeting was so fruitful as it was a business meeting which was conducted in a socializing manner which made everyone in the meeting feeling free to express themselves and share business ideas.  Estil said the ladies availed themselves in  that they will be working with him as from after the meeting .All what is left to be done now is that the deal is put in paper and formalized. In no time  the social media group Beauty Meets Fashion was born.Estil said this group will focus on issues relating to models,beauty and fashion more than just being a socializing chat platform 

-by    EMM Journalist

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