Sunday, 26 August 2012

PENDING CONTRACT-EMM Model Laken Nagel of Durban

Its been a dee day for EMM to meet the parents of Model Lakey(17) of Pinetown,Durban with regard to the pending contract of this future Miss Universe. We at EME News, had a long telephonic chat with EMM  MD,Estil Mpunzana interviewing him in this regard and he said:

"Dealing with parents who becomes the mouth and the mind of young models is such a challenge because the interest of the Agency and The Model with regard  to the particular glamourous model can be turned down in an instant. My meeting today was one of those ineresting one where I had to put EMM`s visions and not take side of the model. Any one who was listening to the talk would just think that I did not wanna sign Model Lakey yet it is our policy at EMM to be open about any issue which might put a model`s life at risk which ois a reason why we send Lady Of Honour and the bodygards with the model when he/she goes for an assignment to new clients .

I was so happy that I stood on the same platform with Model Laken`s parents in that we all had to focus on the safety , the age and the wise carreer choices of this young aspiring model.  
I remember times during the meeting , where I even apologized to Model Lakey for taking her parents interests and concernes at heart. I hope that to whatever decision Lakey`s parents take about the package ,she will accept it with all her heart whether positive or negative.I am a parent myself and I plead to all parents out there to make sure that we all stand behind our young ones in helping them to take wise choices about their future and more or less to be more safe. I have to thank Lacke`s parents for taking their time in meeting us at EMM and our promise is we will stand as the parent,friend,brother,sister,advisor and a mentor to their daughter in aiding her to reach her dreams."

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