Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Estilite Model Management, "Shoelaced Clothing Brand" in Vodacom July Handicap

Estilite Model Management is sending models to Vodacom July Handicap on the 2nd July 2011 to showcase talent and "Shoelaced Clothing Brand".According to the agency CEO,Estil Mpunzana,he had short notice from the brand owners  to do this project but because he has best models in fashion and glomour, he promisses the fashion spactators wonders from his talented models,Angie` & Nosie`.This is what he said when he was interviewed by a radio host ," Model Nosie` & Model Angie` are my best models in fashion and I am so confident and put a bet with my life that the brand "Shoelaced " will be very noticeable in this coming Vodacom July Handicap 2011 .When I first met these models I didn`t have to doubt the talent they will bring in my agency".

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